How much approx would this have cost? Pics included

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cooperbug Sat 15-Aug-20 19:45:32

Any ideas on how much this extension would have cost Last year including bespoke Fitted kitchen with Siemens appliances, solid oak flooring and sliding glass doors (not bi-fold) to the back with electric blinds?

It’s 7.07m x 6.88m

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JoJoSM2 Sat 15-Aug-20 19:55:07

So about 50m2 of extension at 2k so 100k. The flooring and kitchen maybe 30k extra? Difficult to tell as the kitchen just look like a lot of grey blandness and mid range rather than high end to me but could as well be fancier than that. If the worktops were posh, that’s a few k alone.

Pickpick101 Sat 15-Aug-20 19:56:15

Had a sneaky look at the house , it's not in the south east , so I'd go for 50k.

cooperbug Sat 15-Aug-20 20:17:42

@Pickpick101 is that all in?

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nomdeguerrrr Sat 15-Aug-20 20:32:08

I think @Pickpick101 might be working on the misapprehension that trades people up north get paid in whippets and stotties

Hisashiburi Sat 15-Aug-20 20:33:54

I would say 125k all in (150k london)

PegasusReturns Sat 15-Aug-20 20:36:34

Minimum £70k if kitchen was cheap and the project was managed by the builder/homeowner.

More likely around £100k

Why do you ask?


cooperbug Sat 15-Aug-20 20:43:50

@nomdeguerrrr whippets and stotties 😂

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cooperbug Sat 15-Aug-20 20:46:36

@PegasusReturns we are going to put a second offer in on this house. They bought it for 285k in 2017. Have done only the extension and asking for 399,950 for it so just trying to justify of the work they have done is worth the price tag!?

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bellissimiaow Sat 15-Aug-20 20:47:48

We're having something similar size-wise but more basic appliances and laminate floors not wood. However we're also having a dorma upstairs and bi-folds downstairs. All in it should prob come to around 80k.

JoJoSM2 Sat 15-Aug-20 20:49:30

They won’t be making much on it if anything at all. It saves you all the hassle too.

ZaraCarmichaelshighheels Sat 15-Aug-20 20:50:45

I wouldn’t be surprised if they have lost money and not made it back.

Longdistance Sat 15-Aug-20 20:52:54

Has it got a steel in the middle? Hate those bloody things. Posts in the middle of rooms.
Our extension cost 70k, but it’s not massive like that. SE. North of London.

Flamingolingo Sat 15-Aug-20 20:54:23

I also think around the £100k mark. From the photos the kitchen doesn’t look especially ‘bespoke’ but if it really is handmade to measure then it could be more. Basically I also don’t think they are making any money, possibly even losing depending on whether the unaltered property has increased in value.

Hisashiburi Sat 15-Aug-20 20:56:01

Seems like a bargain but obviously you buy cheaper and do something up to your standard for same, if not more. Just depends how much you like renovating!

Hisashiburi Sat 15-Aug-20 20:56:18

*can buy

nomdeguerrrr Sat 15-Aug-20 21:00:45

Looking at it again, is the room 50m2 with a smaller extension? Do we know how big the extension is?

Canyousewcushions Sat 15-Aug-20 21:05:22

Is also not just about cost of the extension, it's about the fact that it's now been done and you wouldn't have the hassle of extending it yourself.

It looks like a nice sliding door system in the photos, slim sightlines and huge glass areas which would mean it wasn't necessarily cheaper than a bifold (plus is prettier and less faddy, I think bifold will date fast).

Can't really tell what they'd have spent on the kitchen from this distance; DIY kitchens does something very similar but I guess every other kitchen manufacturer would too.

In terms of the actual build, they've gone for boxing out the beam rather than recessing it and have stuck a column in the middle of the room to which is a bit odd- it very much separates the space into extension and old room. Also a cheaper solution than getting a much bigger beam.

I'd have guessed at £100k ish including kitchen and fittings etc.

SleeplessWB Sat 15-Aug-20 21:08:06

I spent c. 80k on a similar kitchen extension and refit 2 years ago, including appliances and flooring, decorating.

cooperbug Sat 15-Aug-20 21:09:38

@Longdistance yes it’s exposed steel, I thought I would hate it too but like the industrial feel it gives the room (not my usual style at all but suppose could have it boxed in in the future if changed mind

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DENMAN03 Sat 15-Aug-20 21:11:19

I would say that cost at least £100k. It's massive compared to my kitchen extension which came in at just under £50k.

eveningfalls Sat 15-Aug-20 21:17:58

100K all in

Pickpick101 Sat 15-Aug-20 21:18:08


I think @Pickpick101 might be working on the misapprehension that trades people up north get paid in whippets and stotties

As someone born in the north and currently living in the north , I am aware that if builders quoted £150k for something like this they may be somewhat short of work.

Flamingolingo Sat 15-Aug-20 21:23:22

I also really dislike the steel post. It’s silly and cuts the space and sight lines. And also would have been done as a cost saving measure most likely. If I were doing the extension I would never have allowed a post there and it can’t be easily moved now.

SodomyNonSapiens Sat 15-Aug-20 21:27:43

100k ish

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