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RollercoasterRaver Sat 15-Aug-20 16:31:08

We need a carpet for our living room that will stand a lot of traffic because it will be the only way to get to the rest of the downstairs until we redo the layout to other parts of our house in a few years time. I've saved a few suggestions from other threads over time but any advice or recommendations would be fab! Also have a very messy 3 year old human!

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Bhbunny Sat 15-Aug-20 22:37:23

I’d recommend a synthetic carpet and one that offers a warranty. Cormar are usually pretty good for that and some of their carpets are bleach cleanable too. It does depend on budget and colours of course that would determine the range to go for. They do offer samples on their website and lots of independent local and online retailers stock their careers which I’m sure they’d appreciate the business right now. One of my clients went for the sensations range throughout her house in a cream colour and she has two boys, it still looks great and it must be a couple of years old now.

I would avoid any carpet with viscose or wool as they stain which isn’t ideal with the little one, viscose especially is a nightmare!

RollercoasterRaver Sat 15-Aug-20 23:33:59

Ah thank you, that's great advice and info!

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