Local Vs national conveyancing firm

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Mulledmead Fri 14-Aug-20 19:12:42

Hello, I am sorry if this has been done to death.
I need to instruct a conveyancing solictor for a (hopefully) straightforward sale and purchase.
Previous conveyancer we used is local and was fine. My mortgage broker has recommended a national firm. It has great trust pilot and Google reviews (and broker panel reviews too) and is a few £££ cheaper than my local solicitor.
I feel nervous about a 'remote' firm, but the local conveyancer is a one woman band (plus an assistant)so if she is overwhelmed with work she is potentially slower?!
But as she handled the purchase previously does that potentially make it easier handling the sale of the same property?
What would you do?

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MinnieMountain Fri 14-Aug-20 21:58:52

Can you say who the national conveyancer is?

Puffthemagicdragongoestobed Fri 14-Aug-20 22:47:09

We used a national firm because I was swayed by their reviews on trustpilot and their snazzy online portal.
They were fine. We could easily reach them and they were pretty responsive. And they got the deal over the line.
Not sure if a local high street conveyancer would have been different. One thing I noticed from our buyers solicitor was that she seemed much more thorough in her enquiries than our conveyancer.
I think if I did it again I would probably go for a local firm that comes recommended. I definitely got way too hung up about the online portal, it actually really doesn't matter. It might also make things easier to be able to drop documents at a local office, than having to photocopy and post them.

Fyzz Sat 15-Aug-20 15:37:38

DS is using a firm 200 miles away because they were £400 cheaper. Everything done online, documents scanned and emailed.
They are slow but I think all conveyancing is slow wtf do they do all day?

Misty9 Sat 15-Aug-20 15:50:58

I'm using a national one at the moment, and have done for two other aborted purchases. They're brilliant in my opinion and so on the ball. I get regular updates as well as being able to see the progress on an online portal. Their initials are rcc if that's the same as yours op?

MinnieMountain Sat 15-Aug-20 16:02:31

@fyzz deal with many many other files. The fees are actually quite low for the amount of work involved, so firms need lots of files to be profitable.

Luzina Sat 15-Aug-20 16:07:24

Conveyancing fees are incredibly low for the amount of hours it takes to do a decent job. I personally would never use an estate agency recommendation unless it was a local firm. In fact, I'd try very hard to get a recommendation. And I would base my decision on that, not on the fees quote


Luzina Sat 15-Aug-20 16:08:37

*a recommendation from someone i knew who has recently used conveyancing services

Mulledmead Sat 15-Aug-20 19:32:17

Thanks all. The bigger national company is Gorvins. Like I said broker recommends, but I guess they will be getting a commission...
I think I will probably go local, as at least I know what I am getting and my vendor is also using them (different branch in a nearby town) so that may make it easier in terms of communication?!

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