Woodseats in Sheffield - transport links not great?

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CatAndHisKit Fri 14-Aug-20 19:12:22

Considering buying in that area (so far just looking on rightmove) as it's cheaper than the more trendy areas yet same sort of direction (I like Abbeydale.Ecclesall).
Houses near Fraser Rd on rightmove have 'great public transport' in decsription - but having looked on google, how ar they great? One bus route on Fraser Rd and according to schedule it's just one in 30min. For Sheffiled i'd say it's hardy great. Or am I missing something? Is it easy to walk to Abbeydale rd for may more buses (involves a bridge)?
I do need public transport.


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CatAndHisKit Fri 14-Aug-20 21:43:27


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littleone7 Fri 14-Aug-20 22:46:15

It depends if it's near the top or bottom of Fraser Road. If it's near the top, there are plenty of buses on Chesterfield Road. If it's near the bottom, there are plenty of buses on Abbeydale Road. I'd say around 10 min walk each way from the middle of Fraser Road.

Tangledyarn Fri 14-Aug-20 22:49:05

Yeah as above it's a really short walk in one direction or the other to either main road that has very regular buses.

CatAndHisKit Fri 14-Aug-20 23:07:38

It's closer to Archer Rd end - jut wasn't clear on google what the bridge/crossover like to Abbeydale - looks a bit like a flyover so I thought may be unpleasant to cross.

Thanks, littleone and Tangled - would you say it's a nice-ish area? any particular good points? much appreciated.

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CatAndHisKit Fri 14-Aug-20 23:11:17

Tangled it's def a hike to Chesterfield rd, and yes I saw there aer many buses there, but Archer rd only has one bus, only one in half hour - -although possibly that's the temp covid schedule? It'd be good not to walk every time over to Abbeydale.
Also once on that bus, is the traffic not too bad, how long does it take to get to the Sheffiled station, if you have tried it yourself?

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wizzler Fri 14-Aug-20 23:39:57

It's a short walk to Abbeydale road where there are lots of buses to town. You would be close to a lovely park ( millhouses) and I imagine in catchment for Mercia school.
I would say about 3 miles on the bus to the town centre .. prob about 30 mins to town centre in busy traffic.
What are you looking for other then good transport?.


Tangledyarn Sat 15-Aug-20 09:03:15

Abbeydale rd is really good for buses, I live very near archer road. I think it takes between 20-40 mins to get into town dependent on traffic, there are bus lanes but the traffic can be pretty bad on abbeydale rd at rush hour particularly.

AltheaVestr1t Sat 15-Aug-20 11:02:14

The bridge to Abbeydale Road from Fraser road is a railway bridge with good paving, not difficult to cross in any way. I have lived a similar distance from town on the other side of Abbeydale Road and I would have described the transport links as very good. Woodseats is a decent area with great access to shops and pubs etc. Fraser road is close to the lovely Millhouses Park off Abbeydale Rd, and higher up in Woodseats you have Graves Park. In a similar price band you could consider Meersbrook, which is a lovely residential area.

AltheaVestr1t Sat 15-Aug-20 11:03:44

If you are looking for rail links, you'll actually be closer to Dore station in the other direction, which is also easily accessible by bus.

CatAndHisKit Sun 16-Aug-20 12:07:57

thanks Tangled, where do the trains take you from Dore? only Sheff station or anywhere else interesting? Also how frequent to the central station? I assume it's a quicker bus to Dore than the centre, do you mean?

Althea thank you - good to hear about the easy bridge. Just wish there were morer buses on the other side, but am going tomorrow to have a look. Is the aera around Fraser rd that ebd quite safe / what's the demographic I wonder, older people or young profs?

wizzler 30min is a bit slow, but I@m hoping the traffic isnt bad all day long! I don't need to go in rush hour into centre but may be going back around rush hour. Looking for amenities and a good park in easy walking distance, safe area. The problem with many other areas is the very steep hills where yo'd have to take a bus to go up.

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Jaffapaffa Sun 16-Aug-20 16:57:27

Woodseats (in non-pandemic times) has good bus connections to the centre of town. Dore Station connects to Sheffield in one direction and Manchester in the other.

And it's also possible to walk into Sheffield from Woodseats - I usually allow about an hour. Coming back, allow a lot longer for the slog up the hills!!

CatAndHisKit Sun 16-Aug-20 19:57:04

Jaffa thanks! haha, and I was going to say it looks like the least hilly area of Sheffield! Yes I was hoping that thelonebus from Archer rttd runs more frequently in normal times...may it does.

Also I wonder how does the area compare to Walkey/HIllsborough which aer in similar pice bracket for 2/3-beds? That of course is much more hilly, but otherwise? I wonder if the fact they aer served by trams makes them more popular?

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CatAndHisKit Sun 16-Aug-20 19:57:56

no idea what happened there - 'the lone bus', Archer rd,

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acquiescence Sun 16-Aug-20 21:43:01

Walkley is fab. Hillsborough a bit more mixed. The main benefit of Walkley area over woodseats is the proximity to the Peak District and open countryside. From Walkley you can walk to the city centre in half an hour or so. It is very hilly though if that’s an issue.

wizzler Sun 16-Aug-20 21:43:52

The place where you describe isn't too hilly, but I wouldn't want to walk up Fraser road very often. You are close to a park and a bus route to Bakewell and castleton which are lovely, also near to supermarkets and cafes/ bars. Abbeydale road is I think improving all the time in terms of restaurants / cafes.

acquiescence Sun 16-Aug-20 21:44:14

Hillsborough is served by trams, Walkley is not but the bus service is pretty decent.

CatAndHisKit Tue 18-Aug-20 20:40:15

acquiescence, what do you think of Crookes? as nice as Walkley? I've checked and Walkley bus stops right by the train station (joy!) - a rare find. Crookes is nearby but one bus stops further out, what is with having just one bus serving an area?
CAn you cross from Crookes near Beloshill to Walkely main street easily or is this a v.hilly route.
Have viewed the Woodseats house which wasn't for me and tried out the bus - fast enough but only one in 30min.
I really liked Nether Edge but budget doesn;t stretch (it may haev done if they had any 2-beds there)..

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CatAndHisKit Tue 18-Aug-20 20:47:21


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AlexanderHalexander Wed 19-Aug-20 14:12:23

I know Sheffield well, I wouldn't buy in woodseats. The schools are awful and it's a rougher area than the houses suggest, as well as the traffic being awful through the main roads.

If you can afford it go for S11 postcode

acquiescence Wed 19-Aug-20 18:03:13

I love Crookes. It’s a 5-10 minute walk from Crookes high st to South Road which is Walkley’s little high street. You can walk through the park. It is a hill but not too bad at all compared to some!
The Bole Hills park has some of the best views in the city.
Crookes is more expensive than Walkley- it has more students but it’s the S10 postcode that costs more. It is in a catchment for better secondaries than Walkley, the primaries are all fairly good.

minipilling Thu 20-Aug-20 00:20:56

I live in Crookes, previously was renting in the city centre and bought a house here two years ago, it's lovely. We were looking at Walkley too but preferred Crookes even though you tend to pay a slight bit more. Parks all over the place. Houses are quite small (mostly terraces) but a bit of a variety in whether they have small yards or longer gardens, etc. We live a couple of streets away from Crookes (the main street) so very convenient. Hills are an arse though! Bole Hills is great and schools are pretty good (Westways/Lydgate for primary, King Edwards/Tapton for secondary and some others in catchment depending which street you move to).

Nice pubs, good local businesses - cafes, hardware store, a lovely chocolate shop, charity shops galore including St Lukes which has a large second hand furniture store on Crookes too, hairdressers and beauty salons, zero waste shop, grocery plus decent Sainsburys and Co-op. There are less students here than in the past because a lot moved from house shares into purpose built city apartments. There are a lot of small families in our area, some retirees and elderly, then younger couples, quite a few NHS workers who work at the hospital and children's hospital close by. In non Covid times there were quite a lot of local events going on, including the outdoor street market which was especially nice near Xmas. We have very polite young children who come trick or treating at Halloween accompanied by parents!

CatAndHisKit Thu 20-Aug-20 19:28:27

thanks, acquiescence and mini!
I'm viewing one of those small terraces tomorrow- the prices aer quite high. HIllsborough prices a bit better (or houses wider!) but althouugh it's same durection, I assume it's worse for some reason.
Strange that Wlakley less expensive than the more studenty area as it's much of muchness really - though from what yo udescribe, mini, the High St sounds but much better than in Walkley. I'm viewing by the Boleshill so will try that walk between the two.
Better bus in Walkley though - stops by the station.
How do you both think it compares to around Ecclesall (which I can't afford)? Is it still nice but more down to earth?
mini how doyou find living in the small terrcae? aer there student rentals next door - or otherwise does noise travel a lot? What I like is that although they are smallm the interiors aer beautiful (though same in that whole direction incl Hillsborough) - on trend and tasteful.

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CatAndHisKit Thu 20-Aug-20 19:29:04

sorry for many typos!

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CatAndHisKit Thu 20-Aug-20 19:29:40

and yes, Woodseats are out due to transport / general lack of character.

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