£15-20k kitchen???

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CaramelWaferAndTea Sat 15-Aug-20 20:15:00

In a similar position. Look at handmade kitchens of Christchurch and British standard, and used kitchen exchange

ivfdreaming Fri 14-Aug-20 16:39:54

You can get solid wood worktops at wickes I believe

Areyouquitesure Fri 14-Aug-20 16:39:00

The Ikea kitchen (ulriksdaal?) is solid oak and much cheaper than 10k

Think they do other solid wood kitchens too

bilbodog Fri 14-Aug-20 16:18:02

I dont think you will get solid wood for this price - are you thinking of a painted finish? If so then mdf is often better for the doors because it doesnt move after painting. A lot on here recommend DIY kitchens. Ive had 2 handbuilt kitchens in the past Which were tulip wood frame and mdf doors with full stave Iroko work surfaces which were beautiful.

Frenchwindows Fri 14-Aug-20 15:31:52

I’m looking to rip out my kitchen completely, do a small extension and then have something lovely and shiny and new.

The budget for the new kitchen (excluding fitting etc) is £15k (ideal) and £20k (absolute max). I would be hoping for a small island and either a l-shape or a bar along one wall. Not huge at all.

Which is the best brand would you recommend for this price range? Ideally I’d like solid wood, no mdf and quartz tops. But is this just unreasonable?? Please help if you’ve got a quality kitchen for this price!

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