Solid wood floor - Elm?

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Comfyonion Thu 13-Aug-20 13:51:15

Replacing our dodgy old floor boards in a room of our new house. We aren't going to have carpet down so it will be a floor we see. Oak is the classic choice, but we quite like the Elm floors we have seen too. They're a bit more expensive. Does anyone have an elm floor, if so how would you rate it? Worth the extra cost?

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Loofah01 Thu 13-Aug-20 16:29:50

What's under the boards? Have a look at bamboo flooring, it's lovely

Comfyonion Thu 13-Aug-20 17:21:29

Earth, then the joists etc the boards sit on. We will be putting in insulation underneath the new boards. Will have a look at bamboo flooring, thanks!

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