land registry and inconsiderate neighbours

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crossroads1 Thu 13-Aug-20 09:36:43

Hi all.. my neighbours used to be nice when they moved in and helped us with odd jobs around the house. The husband is a builder. However lately Ive started to get really pissed off with them taking advantage and suspect they are illegally subletting.

They've done work to the house such as an extension and a driveway but still constantly block ours. They have diff ppl in and out all the time and the diff cars block us in. Ive deliberately started parking on the road so no-one can block us in. They say they are renting the house but it makes no sense as how they can do all the work to it? They have also left a bunch of rubbish in our shared alleyway which we have said they should clean but they haven't. Now I suspect the wife (who is as miserable as they come) is having a food business to ppl during lockdown. Ive told the council of my suspicions but nothing seems to be done. Ive tried finding the owner from land registry but I dont want them to know its me complaining as they are spiteful. How do I deal with these ppl?!

is there anything I can do to my driveway too? I've got the 'do not park here sign' but they dont seem to care!!

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sarahb083 Thu 13-Aug-20 14:00:59

I'm sorry, that sounds horrible. Unfortunately I don't have any helpful advice, but you have my sympathies!

I think you can report illegal parking to the council, but I'm not sure that they would do anything - and it would probably be obvious that it was you.

BlueSlice Thu 13-Aug-20 14:08:22

I know a landlord who rented his house out for a reduced rate to a builder tenant in exchange for work done on the house by the tenant. It could be something like that?

But really it doesn’t matter, it’s none of your business, neither is their suspected food business.

The driveway and blocking the alleyway are really your only issues:
How long has the alleyway been blocked?
Can you put up bollards or a gate or chain or something for your driveway?

crossroads1 Thu 13-Aug-20 14:39:34

@BlueSlice we have told them not to park in front of our drive but they always say ‘it’s only for a minute’ and it never is. Their food business is our business now as the multiple ppl who always come at dinner time to collect food park inconsiderately. Not only that the illegal work they have done and rubbish they have dumped in our alleyway is attracting rats. We have a sign but have never had neighbours this bad... the builder has done a lot of work so maybe I need to track down the landlord instead

How long does the council take with these matters in anyone’s experience?I’ve reported all these issues but obv nothing is being done

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Pinotpleasure Thu 13-Aug-20 16:52:01

Try calling Environmental Health? I should think that if meals are being produced for sale then they need to inspect the kitchen....especially if rats are being attracted to the rubbish in the alleyway.

Actually I would dump the rubbish in the alleyway in their garden or driveway.

SuitedandBooted Thu 13-Aug-20 19:07:27

Check Facebook Marketplace to see if you can find her "business". Its quite a widespread problem.[

Take a screenshot and report to FSA and council if you find her.

Burnthurst187 Sat 15-Aug-20 15:29:55

If they are running a business from home the local council will be interested

As would their house insurance

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