Selling. Estate agent hasn't mentioned a contract...

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Tuemay Wed 12-Aug-20 19:13:05

Hi all,

We are putting our house on the market, had it valued, chosen an estate agent, had the photos taken and was just waiting the floor plan to be done and then EA said we can go live on rightmove.

We haven't signed a contract with them though and there has been non mention of this?
What is normal procedure?


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Tuemay Wed 12-Aug-20 19:30:56

Also to add, I am slightly worried that if they have overlooked this, how good will their service be?

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ladybirdsarelovely33 Wed 12-Aug-20 21:24:31

Mmmm.....well they will probably remember but if they don't, you can negotiate the terms better. You need to sign something so you can say you want it at this percentage and at that no of weeks exclusive. E.g 1% and 4 weeks exclusivity.

FawnDrench Wed 12-Aug-20 22:48:47

I find this very strange.
Please ask them what the commission rate is and make sure you agree to it before you get the house put on Rightmove.
It's normal practice to sign the EA contract and keep a copy.

Have you provided ID for them as this is usually the first thing they ask for after the contract has been agreed.
Seems lackadaisical at best and possibly highly suspicious at worst.

Some EAs include photos in the price, others don't.
This should have been discussed with you, right at the initial meeting, as well as the charge itself.
I would be very wary...

Tuemay Thu 13-Aug-20 05:06:50

We have their price agreed in writing with the recommended valuation.

No ID has been provided...

OH has emailed them to query it confused

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ladybirdsarelovely33 Thu 13-Aug-20 21:56:24

It is a bit rubbish and disorganised which doesnt bode well.

wowfudge Thu 13-Aug-20 21:59:08

Are their standard Ts and Cs on their website or on the back of anything theyve given you? I can't think we would instruct an EA without knowing what their fees were.


WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Mon 31-Aug-20 15:50:13

I suspect they want to get it to rightmove fast which will hamper any other agents stepping in. Then they'll get you to sign a contract.

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