Buying a house in heald Green.... HELP NEEDED!

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Theeasypeasywoman Wed 12-Aug-20 18:21:04

HI, I need some advice on Heald Green area. We have been viewing houses in macc, Cheadle hulme, didsbury, heald Green for past 6 months now and we have loved a house in Heald Green and our offer has been accepted. Our only concern is plane noise. I am aware that its noisy around heald Green train station but I would like to know the situation around Wilmslow Road. We have been there for a watch few times now and found it not noisy at all. I could literally hear people at Griffin Pub when plane was passing through. The house is close to Griffin but on the direction of Handforth. Any help would be appreciated smile

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FManc Wed 12-Aug-20 19:58:07

We went to view a house in Cheadle which was on the flight path to see what it was like. It could have been the most amazing house but there was no way we were interested after hearing the noise from the planes. We were sat in the car before the viewing, heard the roar, seen how low the plane was and both instantly knew it’d be a no before we’d even stepped in the house. Yes, you probably get used to it, but I just think it’d be a pain when sat in the garden/at night.

We’re currently renting in Stockport and the plane noise isn’t too bad. We’re buying a house in Davenport/Woodsmoor and it seems even quieter there. I think in the areas you’re looking at, the majority of planes are coming into land. I think I read somewhere around 80% of yearly flights arrive from Stockport/Cheadle direction and 20% depart in that direction.

Have a look at one of the flightmapradar websites. You can track planes as they depart/land and see how close it roughly is to where you’ve offered. Also, the Manchester Airport website has tons of info in regards to flight paths etc which we had a nosey through. They have a live map tracker with noise indicators etc so you can see what it’s like. I think there are also plans to restructure the flight paths for Manchester Airport - one of the ideas is that they could possibly widen the path, so it’s more spread out. Nothing is set in stone as far as I’m aware as it’s at consultation stage (I think). It’s something we’ve considered with our purchase that could happen in the future, but I guess you can’t make a decision based on what ifs.

FManc Wed 12-Aug-20 20:00:29

Also bare in mind I imagine Manchester Airport isn’t running at full capacity at the moment due to COVID so you’re probably not getting a true representation of how busy it can be.

unmarkedbythat Wed 12-Aug-20 20:07:06

I work in that area. The frequency of planes is much reduced atm. To be fair, when it's constant you stop noticing it; when planes more or less stopped at the height of lockdown it was really weird!

Theeasypeasywoman Wed 12-Aug-20 21:50:51

Thanks Ladies !! I think we have decided to pull out of the offer and look somewhere else after your replies and doing our own research as I can not sit inside a double glazed house 24/7 for a lifetime to avoid to plane noise. Woodsmoor/ Davenport seems nice. Any other areas for nice 3-4 bed semi in the south of Manchester ? Our budget is 300k-350k. Thanks smile

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notleglass Wed 12-Aug-20 22:20:35

I've lived near that flight path. You really do stop noticing them and I quite miss seeing them now.

FManc Wed 12-Aug-20 22:51:37

I’m not sure how familiar you are with South Manchester but it’s definitely pricey. House prices have shot up just in the 12 months we’ve been actively looking (had a failed purchase hence so long).

For £300-£350k you could look in Heaton Chapel or Heaton Mersey for a 3 bed but it might not necessarily be a semi. You’ve got great transport links and close to all the bars, cafes and restaurants in Heaton Moor. You might get something in budget in East Didsbury as well.

We’re buying in Davenport/Woodsmoor. Its changed a lot in recent years with new food and drink places opened on the main high street. It’s a bit further out of Stockport but loads of green space around you (Bramhall Park is gorgeous). You’ve got a brand new bar just opened, restaurant, cafe and pub on Bramhall Lane. Also, Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme and Hazel Grove all within a 5-10 min drive as well. Great train links into Manchester as well. You should be able to get something within your budget (just avoid the Offerton end).


fitflopqueen Wed 12-Aug-20 22:53:25

Depending on where you may need to commute to for work, High Lane, Disley & Marple are a bit further out and much greener.

palindromeam Wed 12-Aug-20 23:10:01

But further out and into Cheshire east not Stockport buy poynton is lovely.

That said I lived in Cheadle Village right in the flight path and it was fine. They usually land that way and decent is much quieter- but you do stupid hearing it.

Theeasypeasywoman Thu 13-Aug-20 07:28:17

I have been living in East Didsbury for past 7 years now. The area is nice but we don't get much for the price. I have heard many good things about Macclesfield and direct train to manchester and london from there. Like the idea of Poynton as well as it is down south that way only. Looking at houses on rightmove, Hazel grove seems nice too. If anyone can provide more information about life in Hazel grove, I will really appreciate it smile

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hatesomethinchangesomethin Thu 13-Aug-20 07:50:52

@Theeasypeasywoman I live in disley and it's amazing. I love it so much here, lovely pubs, amazing cafes, the post office man keeps parcels for ages and the post men know you so they leave things in sensible places. However it might be a bit small villagy for you. My friend lives in hazel grove and she loves it. There are a lot of shops and bars. There's also a cafe called Buxton road cafe that's is beyond amazing! Halloumi loaded fries anyone? grin you can get a lot of house for your money in the grove

hatesomethinchangesomethin Thu 13-Aug-20 07:52:03

Oh and there's torkington park which is lovely, there's also the A555 bypass that means you can get to m56 in 16 minutes. No idea where you work but for me that's fab

Theeasypeasywoman Thu 13-Aug-20 09:12:06

Disley seems lovely as it is just on top of the Peak district. I am sure you get amazing views from there But my husband's work is in Alderly Edge so we are looking for somewhere with 10-15 min drive to work.

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FManc Thu 13-Aug-20 09:13:26

We looked at Hazel Grove but personally not mad keen on it as the A6 forms the main shopping area and the road is just so busy. However, there are some good food places such as Buns and Bones Club and Buxton Road Cafe. If you’re looking around that way you’re better off going further out to Poynton, Disley or High Lane. It depends on your commute and if you’re coming to/from Manchester City Centre.

Holyforkingshirtball Thu 13-Aug-20 11:23:31

Bollington is lovely and the Tytherington area of Macclesfield. Pretty easy drive to Alderley Edge from there too

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