Curtain tracks

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Callipygion Mon 10-Aug-20 10:49:25

I have two sets of full length curtains each end of my lounge. The track is one of those with a cord at one end which you pull to draw the curtains across. It seems that both are broken as one doesn’t work at all and the other only pulls one curtain. Are these repairable does anyone know or do I need to buy new tracks? I can’t see where the cord goes behind the track, but then I haven’t taken them down yet. Thanks.

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Loofah01 Mon 10-Aug-20 11:09:56

Yes, quite simple and you might not have to remove it. The string goes behind the eyes in a little groove and is a big loop; it's possible it has just got snagged but even if its snapped then you can still just re-string

Ariela Mon 10-Aug-20 11:35:41

Yes you can easily re-string them, just make sure you have a decent non-wobbly ladder!

Callipygion Mon 10-Aug-20 15:43:18

Thank you.

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