1960s build, order of things

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Focusanddetermination Mon 10-Aug-20 08:04:39

I'm looking at a late 1960s build. Solid enough, 1 previous owner. Converted garage now a room. 80s decor, think bright colours.

In a FTB so asking advice on the way you would approach this. For example, the electrics function, no urgency to re wire. But, if aiming to re decorate throughout would you re wire first anyway, so it's done and then re plaster, etc?

I have time once in the property, it's not in a terrible state, but thinking it could be easier to get it re wired, and possibly re plastered before we move in.

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nomdeguerrrr Mon 10-Aug-20 09:14:54

Rewiring is very messy and disruptive. If you need to rewire anytime soon, then best do it before you redecorate. You would have to redecorate again afterwards anyway. Decoration of rooms generally should be the last thing you do.

If it hasn't been rewired since the 60s, it provably could do with bringing up to modern standards. Are you sure it hasn't though. If in doubt you can get an electrical survey done at relatively low cost before you buy. Get a professional assessment of what's needed.

Focusanddetermination Mon 10-Aug-20 09:35:58

Thank you, I didn't realise you could do an electrical survey (FTB)

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nomdeguerrrr Mon 10-Aug-20 10:25:34

You can and they might cost a couple of hundred quid. An electrician will be able to see if two seconds flat if hasn't been rewired since the 60s though. So a quick look will probably tell if you need a rewire.

Or you could stay by asking whether it's ever been rewired or had other electrical works via your solicitor, or estate agent if things haven't gone that far.

Having a look at the fuse box if often a good indicator. If they haven't updated that, the rest is likely to be an age as well.

Mosaic123 Mon 10-Aug-20 10:50:40

We had an electrical survey before buying a 1960s flat. In spite of high end modern light fittings and very posh sockets the wiring was original 1960s. Now having it rewired. Not so easy in a flat with concrete walls, ceilings and floors and v expensive. They drop the ceiling to put in cables. The consumer unit was fairly modern too.

Notemyname Mon 10-Aug-20 11:24:37

Our surveyor flagged the wiring needed looking at. We arranged an electrician to do an electrical survey prior to exchange, cost us £110. It flagged the house had some dangerous wiring that needed urgent attention, partial rewiring and a new consumer box. We negotiated to split the cost with the seller so saved us a couple hundred quid and we would never have known about the safety issue otherwise.

Beware, with our 1960's house, the plaster was in bad condition when we stripped off the 1990's wallpaper that was everywhere. Parts of the wall fell down, and the existing plaster wasn't smooth, had a rough, textured grain to it (not artex) so was unsuitable for painting. We ended up getting several rooms skimmed, which was a very unexpected expense (£600-1000 per room), although could have put up thick lining paper as a cheaper option.

Focusanddetermination Mon 10-Aug-20 16:30:18

Thank you. I'm thinking of getting all rooms skimmed before moving in hence thinking about electrics. Either that or I do DIY room by room after moving in and tbc what is behind old wallpaper. It might be less faff to just do it upfront?

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nomdeguerrrr Mon 10-Aug-20 17:49:25

Do it all up front. If you are making any changes to plumbing, best get that done up front as well if you can.

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