Does £600 to lay engineered flooring for 28sqm sound reasonable?

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Smallgoon Sun 09-Aug-20 21:08:32

I've probably left it too late to ask the question seeing as he's arriving to do the job tomorrow (!) When he came to quote (weeks ago), he said it would it could take up to 3 days to complete, but 2 minimum (planks are being glued down, not floated). However, yesterday he confirmed he should be able to knock it all out in a single day.

Not sure it makes much of a difference if he takes one day or two, but I guess for me, £600 over two days seemed a reasonable day rate but £600 for a day seems excessive, if the job can be done in 8 hours... Am I over-thinking this or is £600 the going rate for SE London?

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Alexalee Sun 09-Aug-20 21:33:01

£20 per metre is very reasonable
All flooring prices are generally done on a meter age rate, up to them if they want 1 long hard day or 2 easier shorter days
Doubt you will get it done cheaper tbh

AltheaVestr1t Sun 09-Aug-20 21:33:09

I read that the average cost of laying engineered wood is £17 per m sq, that price makes £21, it's not far off, particularly for London. You can always shop around for a better deal, if you think it's worth it for the sake of £100.

Smallgoon Sun 09-Aug-20 21:55:34

Thanks, I am clearly over-thinking. He came recommended so I have every faith he will do a good job, and £600 doesn't seem unreasonable if £20 per sqm is standard.

Though he did say it would cost an additional £280 for him to apply Osmo hardwax oil after fitting, which I thought was quite expensive as I know a number of people who use this product and have no issues applying it themselves.

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Shouldbeworkingnotreadingtalk Sun 09-Aug-20 22:03:10

You can absolutely apply the oil yourself. It's about £80 a tin. However ..... can you be bothered for saving £200? .... (meant in the nicest way) ... much better to get out the house, have it all done for when you get back ... grin

Smallgoon Sun 09-Aug-20 22:06:09

@Shouldbeworkingnotreadingtalk The flat is completely empty, I haven't moved in yet, and am not planning on moving in for another 8-9 days or so, so I could technically do it myself?

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R1R2 Sun 09-Aug-20 22:31:32


*@Shouldbeworkingnotreadingtalk* The flat is completely empty, I haven't moved in yet, and am not planning on moving in for another 8-9 days or so, so I could technically do it myself?

Depends if he fucks it up itll cost him if you fuck it up itll cost you. Are you confident you can to it to a standard you'll be happy with and will last well


Smallgoon Mon 10-Aug-20 11:58:28

@R1R2 Fair point, but I didn't think it was something you could easily mess up if you follow the instructions properly. I know people for example who have had no issues using this on their floor, and they're not DIY enthusiasts. I imagine I could get my painter/decorator who is due in next week, to apply it for me.

The other thing is that I want to cover the floor once it's laid as I have large appliances arriving. And I read you shouldn't cover your flooring for 10 days after Osmo has been applied.

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sarah12398 Mon 10-Aug-20 12:14:28

Osmo oil is really easy to apply (I did my internal doors and they came up beautifully).

You can do it yourself but you'll probably need a couple of coats to get the full effect and protection (allow 10 hours between coats; I didn't and it was fine, but then I wasn't walking on the doors!).

I've not used the hardwax oil but I understand it is easier to apply if you warm it slightly. Allow 2-3 weeks to cure.

StatisticallyChallenged Mon 10-Aug-20 12:25:58

Helpfully timed thread!

I'm looking at having herringbone engineered oak fitted. Just had a fitting quote of £1600, including thin ply for underneath but not the flooring, glue or threshold bar. We're in east lothian so not crazy London prices.

This is for a single room roughly 20sqm.

I expect herringbone is a bit more expensive, but going by the posts on here I'm thinking this is excessive?

Smallgoon Mon 10-Aug-20 12:57:32

@StatisticallyChallenged labour for herringbone is more expensive for obvious reasons, but I'm surprised by your quote - that does seem an awful lot, essentially just for fitting. My flooring came to £1300 and I went mid-range.

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StatisticallyChallenged Mon 10-Aug-20 13:20:19

That was my suspicion @smallgoon. It's twice the price of the actual flooring

Smallgoon Mon 10-Aug-20 14:48:13

@StatisticallyChallenged Wow. For context, my flooring was double the cost of fitting. I know fitting herringbone is pricey, but it shouldn't be that pricey.

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