cooking smells, help help help!

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yourgalsal Sun 09-Aug-20 18:26:47

Hi all!

We moved into a house about 2 and a half years ago and seem to have inherited a problem.

Sometimes when we cook ) our neighbours get smells in their front bedroom (apparently they get his about once a week) They had mentioned it a couple of times over the last couple years but recently it has escalated into them being horrendous and threatening to 'make our life hell' etc

We've been very cordial and said we'll keep trying stuff until we figure it out but they don't want to know. They are retired and stay in the house all day and everything is a problem. We have recently had a ventilation specialist out, who gave us some things to try but theyve not worked. The next step would be to use smoke to see where there are cavities that need blocking, but they need to get into the neighbours house and they dont want to know.

We had our latest telling off yesterday that escalated into being threatened. I dont want to go to the police because we want to sell our house , is there a way i can log this incase it does escalate but that wont be a 'record' as such.

Also, while we were getting bollocked yesterday they let it slip that the previous owner had fallen out with them over the same problem. Googling leaves me to believe this should have been declared when we bought the house, but this hasnt been declared on any paperwork.

Any thoughts/help/tips great appreciated and hope i make sensesmile

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SeaToSki Sun 09-Aug-20 20:38:08

Does your kitchen back on to their bedroom? Do you have a hob extractor fan? Just trying to work out how the smell is getting there.

In the meantime, before you start cooking, put a fan in a kitchen window blowing the air out into the garden. It will suck any cooking smells out of your kitchen. Make sure the window faces away from your neighbours.

Consider loaning them an air purifier to run in their bedroom (you can get plug in ones on Amazon). Something with a hepa filter. They are really good at clearing out smells. Tell them this is just until you can work out how the smell is getting through to them. Then everytime you see them make a fuss about the latest specialist you have had round and how they havent solved it yet (but dont do too much)

SecondStarFromTheRight Sun 09-Aug-20 21:24:54

If they've already turned down the offer of trying to get to the bottom of it with smoke then I wouldn't even entertain their complaints any further. I doubt you'd ever please them and they sound really unpleasant.
Just say it's impossible the smell is coming from you as you didn't cook that day or something similar.

PigletJohn Sun 09-Aug-20 21:36:27

where does your cooker extractor hood vent to? Can you show us a pic please? Do you use it every time you cook?

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