Nightmare neighbour iffy rental?

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Dollyparton3 Sun 09-Aug-20 09:12:02

We have a bit of a challenging neighbour, to give you an idea:

Drinks heavily at all hours, often seen in the town at lunchtime off her face
Has a dog that has been reported to the council by another neighbour for welfare concerns, left alone for days barking and in distress
A couple of years back she rented a room to a relatively young girl, didn't give her any sort of contract then booted her out after about a week. Left her in the street hammering on her door trying to get her things back.

She's regularly complained to us during lockdown about "parking outside her house" in a street with no designated parking and she's quite often partied in her garden early lockdown with mates not distancing.

Yesterday we saw her advertising a "studio flat" in her property, ground floor with kitchen, bathroom, own outdoor space, all bills included, some shared access.

She's been doing some work on her house for a while but we checked last night, there's no planning permission we can find and we weren't alerted to the change of use of her home.

2 main concerns, firstly she's not the most reliable character and we suspect she's going to be preying on yet another vulnerable person for a few quid in lockdown. I can't imagine she'll live harmoniously with anyone renting any part of her house.

Secondly it's the change of use for our neighbours house with no care or attention for the regulations. She also has a large extension on her house( one of her exes helped her to put it on) which we can't find any permissions for. There's share access on a small path at the back of our properties so it does leave us feeling a bit like this will be an issue with more people coming or going

WWYD in our situation? Tap up the local council to gauge their thoughts or sit and wait for this one to play out? Both are privately owned houses

I have no doubt there's no building regs on the conversion, she won't declare the rental to the council but will pocket the extra cash

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Burnthurst187 Sun 09-Aug-20 09:42:46

If there's no planning permission then report to the council straightaway. I was talking to a friend at work this week that has just done this as their neighbour is in the process of building something that is taller than it should be, work has now stopped whilst they investigate

Dollyparton3 Sun 09-Aug-20 09:48:36

@Burnthurst187 thanks, I thought this might be a good option: nobody likes a grass as they say but I think the neighbour is just making up her own rules now. If we needed to sell at any point we don't want a dodgy HMO next door

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whataboutbob Sun 09-Aug-20 11:01:06

If she’s preying on vulnerable tenants/ lodgers I’d have no compunction in ringing the council anonymously to voice my concerns. You could also
Post on Landlordzone for a more expert opinion. She sounds like she probably has mental health issues though.

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