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House not sold yet - should we be viewing?

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clearedfortakeoff Sun 09-Aug-20 07:45:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Incrediblytired Sat 08-Aug-20 15:38:01

Most estate agents won’t let you view unless you are in a position to buy - ie sold or under offer or cash - this is just during covid not normally. My house is on the market currently and I don’t let people view unless they are in a position to buy. It’s not convenient for me.

You are also at risk of major heartache if you don’t sell quickly and miss out of dream houses.

SELDNMUM Sat 08-Aug-20 15:34:55

We started viewing as soon as ours went on the market. Some estate agents won’t let you look if you’re not Under offer so we were limited in what we could see. It was good to get and idea of what’s out there and made us realise what we really wanted. We saw the house we eventually offered on without having an offer on ours and would have missed out otherwise. Things can also change quickly and you might miss out on something you really wanted.

JammyHands Sat 08-Aug-20 15:24:49

Estate agents wouldn't let me view until I'd got an exchange date.

WestRidingBestRiding Sat 08-Aug-20 15:08:16

Thanks for all the replies - fingers crossed 🤞🏼 for some viewings this week!

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Salome61 Sat 08-Aug-20 12:36:36

Unfortunately I 'sold' twice but both sales fell through and I lost houses I loved, it's a horrible journey. Good luck and stay positive.

DobbyLovesSocks Sat 08-Aug-20 12:13:57

I would advise sell yours and then view. We did it the other way around and I found a lovely house that we 'lost' because our hadn't sold. Still gutted about that several years on

WestRidingBestRiding Sat 08-Aug-20 12:13:21

Holly no idea, it’s very nice if I do say so myself! The online pictures look good, it’s got amazing transport links, lovely decor, gardens well maintained. I’m going to check in with the agent on Monday.

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HollyBollyBooBoo Sat 08-Aug-20 12:11:27

I'd be concentrating on selling yours - why no viewings in a week?

WestRidingBestRiding Sat 08-Aug-20 12:08:22

Thanks JoJoSM2, usually I’m all for getting stuck in with things like this and DH is more reserved but this time he’s well up for viewings and I’m a bit more apprehensive!

MsLumley that’s interesting, makes total sense but our agent hasn’t mentioned anything about that - in fact he said it would be fine to go see houses once ours was on the market! We’ve only sold once before, a few years ago, and I honestly can’t remember how we managed things then - the house sold after about 4/5 weeks but I’ve no idea when we started viewing new ones.

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MsLumley Sat 08-Aug-20 11:47:49

Estate agents in many areas won't allow viewings at the moment unless you're under offer, to limit the number of people traipsing into other people's houses.

JoJoSM2 Sat 08-Aug-20 11:40:24

I’m more of a head over heart person and I’d view. It’s a good way of seeing what’s out there to get a few comparables even if yours take a bit to go under offer and you miss out on a nice house.

WestRidingBestRiding Sat 08-Aug-20 11:11:17

Thanks everyone....yeah I hate being disappointed, I don’t want to fall in love with somewhere and not be able to do anything about it. We had a few lined up to enquire about but I think we’ll just ask about one - this particular one has been for sale for a long time, then went to an auction and didn’t sell, and now is back for sale.

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Maybenexttime08 Sat 08-Aug-20 10:58:48

I would wait, as it would only add to the stress if you found something you really like.

ramblingsonthego Sat 08-Aug-20 10:56:51

Save yourself the heartache. Look when you have sold. I made this mistake in July. We are on the market but haven't sold. Viewed a house fell in love but they wouldn't entertain an offer as we haven't sold.

GrumpyHoonMain Sat 08-Aug-20 10:54:46

Generally estate agents will let you view but not let you put an offer in until you have an offer yourself.

WestRidingBestRiding Sat 08-Aug-20 10:31:35

Our house has been on the market a week, no viewings yet. We have a MIP. Should we be going to see properties yet or wait until ours has an offer? I keep reading conflicting things.

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