Moving to Shrewsbury with intent to work at Hospital . Where to live ?

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lucye1 Fri 07-Aug-20 22:40:24

Hi . We have more than a desire to leave London and live in Shrewsbury about April 2021 . London has too much crime and it’s not possible to buy a brick here for less than £200k !

We know we love Shrewsbury . My son will be wanting to go to a good secondary catholic school if possible. We only have a £220k max mortgage due to age and not wanting to get to in debt . Where are the ok places to live with reasonable bus links to the hospital . And more importantly where NOT to buy in Shrewsbury ! We are here now visiting and so far we have learnt to stay a bit away from the “Telford “ side if possible and the very north part of Shrewsbury past the radio station etc . All hell needed . Thanks

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Namealreadyinuse1 Sat 08-Aug-20 09:11:28

Hi, Copthorne is a very nice area with good links to the hospital and within working distance of the town centre and the river. Castlefields is also lovely and a very up and coming area. 10 minutes to the centre and train station and on bus routes. There are a lot of new builds, near the football ground which may be worth checking out. I’m not too sure about the schools but the local Catholic Church is the Cathedral and they have a primary school associated with it. Avoid Ditherington, Sundorne and Harlscott. It’s a beautiful town to live in and I’m sure you’ll be very happy here smile

lucye1 Sat 08-Aug-20 18:29:01

Cheers ! New builds are a complete “NO No “ for us . With our budget some of the houses we have seen are good . If work is required , husband has spent 30 years in interior restoration and multi qualified . So we get what we want , well done and cheap ! Shrewsbury really can be proud of itself . It’s a very welcoming place

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Finfintytint Sat 08-Aug-20 18:34:46

You’ll love Shrewsbury. It’s a fab town. I’m moving out of the area unfortunately ( live in a village not too far away but Shrewsbury is our go -to place). Was going to suggest the modern developments around the hospital but I can see that you don’t want that.

MikeUniformMike Sat 08-Aug-20 20:19:57

Somewhere that isn't in the flood plain.

Jessicabrassica Sat 08-Aug-20 20:36:49

Look at the villages around too. There are good non-denominational schools - but no Catholic secondary locally. Corbett (Baschurch - to the north), Mary webb (Pontesbury to the west), beludere, south shrews and priory on the western side of town all have good results. Meole village is nice and bell Vue is lovely. Shropshire is fab!

lucye1 Thu 27-Aug-20 16:37:51

Ok..Quick update . We popped up to Shrewsbury 3 weeks ago and had a great time . Seriously impressed us just how much we like the place and people. We drove all around looking (Window shopping only) at houses and areas .Ticking off certain places and noting all the good V negatives etc . Also ended up at “Dough and Oil” , now there’s a pizza place worth visiting ! We hope to pop back in a few more weeks to spend time looking at schools etc . Plan is still to buy April 21 . Yes. We will miss certain aspects of London etc . But we will enjoy the peace ,tranquility and general mannerism of the locals more in Shrewsbury !

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Namealreadyinuse1 Thu 27-Aug-20 23:54:57

Dough and Oil is excellent, we go there every couple of weeks. They also own a bar opposite called Oil!

lucye1 Tue 22-Sep-20 15:17:28

OK...Yet another question !

Any thoughts on “The Priory School” ? The location suits us etc . It gets a good report .But some of the worst schools for us in LOndon .Get “Good Ofsted “ reports !!!

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boredboredboredboredbored Tue 22-Sep-20 15:31:36

Hi op! I'm just about to move from Brum to Shrewsbury. My dh already lives there and the best areas in walking distance to the town are Cherry Orchard, Belle Vue, Coleham, Castlefields. Obviously your budget will limit choice but there are still some lovely houses for the 220k mark.

I'd suggest to go walking around the areas which is what we did last year when dh moved (he rented for 6 months first). We fell in love with the place and it feels like a hidden gem!

I'm in the process of buying in Cherry Orchard which is lovely. How many bedrooms do you need? Here are some examples -

Cherry Orchard

My dh rented one Castlefields last year and we loved it. Quite bohemian and so close to the river but not enough to be flooded.

Castlefields lovely quiet road.

Belle Vue Gorgeous area but parking can be tight.

Like I said walk around the actually streets at different times of day to get a good feel for where you like. The sense of community is lovely and I feel like it's not snooty either which is important to me. Look around the indoor market too if you haven't already - it's fab! Good luck with your hunt

boredboredboredboredbored Tue 22-Sep-20 15:32:24

I can't help with schools as Dd has just started at Shrewsbury college and is loving it.

boredboredboredboredbored Tue 22-Sep-20 15:38:27

Found a couple more - Mountfields is stunning too very quaint and right by the town.

Another on one of my fave streets in Castlefields

I swear to god I'd love to be Kirsty Allsopp!

Namealreadyinuse1 Tue 22-Sep-20 15:58:37

My step daughter went to The Priory and it is a very good school smile
@boredboredboredboredbored I live in Castlefields and love it-houses get snapped up within a couple of days of being on the market!!

boredboredboredboredbored Tue 22-Sep-20 16:15:33

@Namealreadyinuse1 I love it there!! It was such a tough choice for me as its a fab area with a lovely vibe but I have two teens so getting three decent bedrooms was biggest problem. Adore the walk along the river into town.

lucye1 Tue 22-Sep-20 16:44:03

We need 3 bedrooms .Pref garden and parking /garage .To try and future proof ! Seen one house in Bowbrook meadows .That offers us a LOT . But some of it we dont need and they are “newish builds” which tends to worry us as they seem to use oils toilet rolls for sound insulation !

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Namealreadyinuse1 Tue 22-Sep-20 17:46:40


*@Namealreadyinuse1* I love it there!! It was such a tough choice for me as its a fab area with a lovely vibe but I have two teens so getting three decent bedrooms was biggest problem. Adore the walk along the river into town.

We are so lucky here, and walking along the river is just idyllic and makes you realise how lucky we are to have it on our doorstep. We have had to extend up to make ours 3 bedrooms and are currently extending down too! Only downside is the parking situation but in the grand scheme of things it’s a small thing smile

boredboredboredboredbored Tue 22-Sep-20 17:51:27

I adore the place. I stay at Dh house most weekends and we run along the river, I don't think I'll ever get bored of it. The market, the town, the people. Even two surly teens love the place!

I did consider buying and extending in Castlefields as strangely dh old rental came up for sale on Ben.... Street but then when I factored the cost the one in Cherry Orchard made more financial sense. I think once the kids have gone I'd move there. Saying that there's so many lovely areas. Dh has a lovely little house in Belle Vue, again lovely. We are very lucky 👍🏻

lucye1 Sun 25-Oct-20 17:41:14

Back again !!
We are registering our son for schools. The Priory been our number one choice
Any idea of what Meole Brace School is like ? Its in a area we want to live . We think “south of the River “ suits us for access to the Hospitals (work) and budget . We are up this coming weekend subject to been allowed !!! Really looking forward to visiting what he hope will become our Home .

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lucye1 Sun 25-Oct-20 17:53:39

Or Belvedere School .

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Anjelika Sun 25-Oct-20 19:36:43

I live in Shrewsbury. DS1 goes to Priory School. It is generally the number 1 choice of school but Meole Brace seems absolutely fine and I know people who would easily get into Priory from where they live but choose to send their DCs to Meole instead so there's not that much between them iyswim. We are very blessed this side of town having 2 good schools. Belvidere is OK too from what I've heard. Have you watched the online videos that have been put out in place of open evenings?

rosy71 Sun 25-Oct-20 19:41:53

Meole Brace is a great school. Priory is very hard to get in to. You tend to have to live very close to it.

lucye1 Thu 25-Feb-21 17:50:17

Thread revival !! Well nothing is happening at the moment due to CV19 ! And the market for houses seems to be a bit flat etc . But we persevere . So, near us in North London we have an amazing decorators merchant that is super cheap and hold great selection etc .Also we have a super “Builders depot” that again is great prices and like a small airport its that big . So where are the best builders type places in Shrewsbury and also Paint places and electrical wholesale etc etc ? Thanks

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