Viewers showing up without appointments!

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FingersXrossed Fri 07-Aug-20 15:58:19

This has happened to me twice now. The first time was just after I'd finished showing around another person so things were neat and tidy still and I showed them round anyway. The second time I had unwashed dishes in the sink, stuff lying around etc the place was a tip basically. They said they'd come back next day and seemed quite annoyed that the estate agent hadn't told me about them. But regardless I was not aware of these men and could have put myself at risk by letting them in. In the end they didn't come back so I'd tidied up for nothing.

Both times they insisted that they had appointments, the first one the EA said they'd had no contact with, the second they said they'd spoken to them and sent them the home report but not booked them a viewing. So I'm not sure who was telling the truth!

Either way I'm on edge now expecting people to just show up at random times when we're not ready for them or doing other stuff. You have to totally work your lives around these viewings so this kind of thing is pretty stressful. I hate selling!

Anyone else had this happen?

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Burnthurst187 Fri 07-Aug-20 16:17:49

Not happened to me but I think this is the reason some ppl don't have a for sale sign up, it cuts down random ppl who were driving past and thought they'd just drop in

Reedwarbler Fri 07-Aug-20 16:19:44

No it hasn't happened to me, but, have you got a for sale board outside? I suppose it could be a sneaky way of gaining access to a house for nefarious purposes.

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Fri 07-Aug-20 16:22:38

Was it a couple? Or a man on his own?

makingmyway10 Fri 07-Aug-20 16:41:44

Goodness, do not ever let anyone in whose viewing has not been arranged through the agent or who you are not expecting to arrive, no matter what they say! Our agent warned us never to do this not that we would!

HypochondriacAnon Fri 07-Aug-20 16:44:24

I'd not open the door unless I knew there was an appointment booked.

WellIWasInTheNeighbourhoo Fri 07-Aug-20 16:45:23

Dont even open the door, just tell them to contact the agent to sort it out.


FingersXrossed Fri 07-Aug-20 16:59:48

I do have a for sale sign yes. The first occasion it was two women, the second two men. I was working when the men showed up, my husband let them into the hallway, I was like wtf. Husband usually goes out for viewings he finds it too stressful.

My mother said I should have just gone ahead with it and could have "lost a potential buyer" hmm Yes, and I'm sure she'd just let some random people into her house.

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whysorude Fri 07-Aug-20 17:02:33

Had this in reverse. Booked a second viewing with the estate agent but the vendor was not informed. When we realised the mistake we were notified and said we would re-book but they kindly allowed us in (did ask if we could give them 15 minutes to tidy up which is no mean feat for single parent with 3 small kids).
I spoke to the estate agent the next day and pointed out their cock up and how unfair it was to the vendor. Didn't stop us buying the house though. 😊

Finfintytint Fri 07-Aug-20 17:07:09

I’d provide a block time for viewings convenient to you. Tell the estate agents the house will be available for so many hours on a Saturday morning for a couple of hours or a Thursday evening for example. We did this so I knew when the house had to be tidy! The estate agents then booked a few viewings per time slot ( although they did squeeze in a few randoms that we didn’t expect).

Fatherbrownsbicycle Fri 07-Aug-20 17:09:13

I did have someone turn up.

The EA had phoned us to check but I had specifically said that time was not suitable.

The couple knocked on the door with a baby in a carrier, a toddler & an older child and stood there getting wet whilst I apologised and told them they couldn’t come in. (DC had home visit from CAHMS so couldn’t let them in)
They phoned and tore strips off the EA and they did actually buy our house so it wasn’t an issue.

DeRigueurMortis Fri 07-Aug-20 17:30:46

Be aware it can be a scam to get into your home to see what's worth stealing.

They target houses with for sale signs and blah their way in.

As it's not booked with the EA there's no record of who they are.

For this reason alone never let anyone in without an appointment.

A genuinely interested buyer would re-book a viewing in the event of a genuine mix up.

LaurieFairyCake Fri 07-Aug-20 17:32:24

I had someone turn up 4 hours late and give me grief - the most entitled little madam

I said she couldn't come in and would have to rearrange with the agent. She said I clearly didn't know what it was like having young children in a really snotty voice

I opened the door to show a children's party happening with an entertainer grin

Silly cow stropped off with her one baby

Salome61 Fri 07-Aug-20 18:15:07

I am sorry this happened to you. I have just sold my railway station and had lots of nosey chancers actually walking around my garden while I was in, it exasperated me. Then I had someone local, that my late husband knew, turn up on a Sunday. As he knew my husband I did let him in and told the EA the next day so they could ring him and record his details. He did make another appointment with me and his family the following Sunday but during the viewing I realised it was completely out of their price range, it was just a 'viewing for pleasure'. Interestingly when I saw his Dad, he didn't know his son had been round, he must have felt embarrassed to tell him.

mumsy27 Sat 08-Aug-20 02:00:57

beware of scam, two viewers(maybe chiefs), both going different direction which one to follow?,they suss if you're on your own first.
I won't surprise they check rightmove for new properties or house with signs.
at least if you have viewing booked in advance, you would put anything valuable safe.

FingersXrossed Sat 08-Aug-20 13:24:06

I wasn't keen on having a for sale sign up anyway because my neighbour is very nosy (nice but knows everyone's business) but if I take it down she's going to think it's been sold hmm.

The two blokes didn't come back anyway although we'd arranged for them to return the next day. So I don't know what happened there, if they were genuine and just decided not to bother or if they had bad intentions but were scared off by my husband's presence.

A railway station sounds fantastic @Salome61! I do love checking out properties online but I wouldn't have the brass neck to just show up for a look around like that!

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RollercoasterRaver Sun 09-Aug-20 09:24:17

I'd strongly recommend taking down the for sale sign, we didn't have one and sold within 2 weeks. Id rather the neighbours knew from rightmove than a sign outside my house. Not sure why, just didnt like the idea! That will also help with chancers!

ladybirdsarelovely33 Sun 09-Aug-20 09:33:03

Get rid of the sign. Everyone who is seriously looking will be looking on the internet and registered to receive alerts.
Boards are used by agents to advertise themselves.
You don't need one.

ladybirdsarelovely33 Sun 09-Aug-20 09:35:04

@Salome61 You sold a railway station? Sounds intriguing! How can you personally own a station or is this a typo?

Salome61 Sun 09-Aug-20 13:35:04

@ladybirdsarelovely33 - our station was closed and sold into private ownership due to the Beeching cuts, we bought it in 1999 smile

WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Sun 09-Aug-20 13:39:17

I insisted that the estate agent always did accompanied viewings. They should be better at 'selling' a property than I would be, and for the money they charge I feel they should do so. I also prefer viewings without the owner present as it is easier to make observations that I would not want to say to the owner. wink

Baxdream Sun 09-Aug-20 13:52:20

This is exactly why we didn't have a board up. We've agreed to have a sold one up though.

WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Sun 09-Aug-20 19:41:31

By the way have you got a link to rightmove? We've got bugger all to do what with lockdown and everything, and might be able to swing past for a nosey and pass a critical eye over your decorating etc. (A cup of tea would be nice...)

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