Help please! I need a sense check with workmen on site this week. What happens to guttering in a semi detached house - do you cut it to size?

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KavvLar Fri 07-Aug-20 17:39:00

Thank you to those who responded yesterday, I was getting tangled up over nothing. With the benefit of sleeping on it, I had a chat to them in the morning and they have kept her bit so can block it off our side and reattach hers. Glad I asked and thanks for the advice.

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Doggodogington Thu 06-Aug-20 20:23:50

It should be cut and a blocker put on the end. Unless they’ve left it thinking that when your neighbours get theirs done they’ll cut it and link them together?

KavvLar Thu 06-Aug-20 20:05:48

*grief from them I mean

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KavvLar Thu 06-Aug-20 20:05:02

When I think about it I didn't have a problem with them smoking, I had a problem with the assumption they made. They didn't ask they just did it.

And that's the same with this guttering thing - I've been here all day, they could have checked with me or explained it, not just done it and gone for the easy option. I don't want any grief this should be quite simple and I'm feeling weary.

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Fatherbrownsbicycle Thu 06-Aug-20 18:58:27

I wouldn’t have an issue with them smoking in my garden but dropping & smashing asbestos guttering is appalling.
My last house was semi & we had guttering replaced and yes, they did cut the length so it didn’t go over to our neighbours side. Your neighbour isn’t going to be happy, especially if it is a different colour to theirs.

KavvLar Thu 06-Aug-20 18:47:04

Sounds so stupid when I write it down.

We're in a semi detached house which has white asbestos guttering. We wanted to get ours removed and replaced.

I got what I thought was a good professional guy who quoted a good price and I was comfortable with. Checked out reviews and accounts and the company came well recommended.

For various reasons the neighbour didn't want to use our company. This wasn't a problem at all my end, but it caused a bit of friction as they were pushing for us to use their guy when I had already committed to ours. This is relevant only because they are watching with great anticipation for any mess ups.

In the event, the nice professional guy/owner has not come to the job for two days because his dog was having puppies. He's sent two workmen who I've had a few issues with. I had to intervene when one of them was dropping the lengths of asbestos guttering so they smashed, I had to ask them to cut down part of a gutter that they'd left sticking out over the neighbour's boundary, and they were smoking in my garden without asking.

As soon as I raised the concerns they were resolved but it has made me uneasy going forward.

They have now removed and replaced the guttering and fascia. The fascias line up with the centre of the houses, but the guttering has been removed to the nearest link rather than sawn through.

So at the back 'our' black guttering goes over onto the neighbour's side by about a foot in comparison to where the fascia ends, and in the front their guttering is over our side by about the same amount.

It looks weird to my eye, and I think my neighbour is going to moan. Is this usual? Any tips and suggestions very gratefully received as I want to get this right. Thanks in advance.

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