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Wingedharpy Wed 05-Aug-20 21:21:03

what is this called and where can I get a replacement.?
For context, it is from the top roller of our shower door but is disintegrating so I'm unable to adjust the rollers so they roll smoothly and in alignment.
NB. It's currently covered in sellotape to stop any more bits dropping off it.
Thank you.

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WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Wed 05-Aug-20 21:43:21

Not a plumber, but suggest you contact tge shower door manufacturer. There is often a label with their name on it. Failing that, and assuming you didn't buy the door yourself visit DIY sheds and see if you can find the door. Failing that buy a bigger roll of sellotape

Wingedharpy Wed 05-Aug-20 22:00:48

Unfortunately, no manufacturers name to be seen anywhere.
I've spent hours on line today trying to find similar, with no joy.
I also need 4 of these - the one photographed is the only one which is moderately intact - the rest have just crumbled to bits.

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PigletJohn Wed 05-Aug-20 23:37:43

I don't know. I think I'd call it a pivot socket.

Measure it please, or ptotograph it with something to show scale, such as a ruler or £1 coin. You will still need to measure it because any replacement will need to fit.

Does a rod slot into one of these at the top and bottom?

How is it fixed in place?

Wingedharpy Thu 06-Aug-20 03:39:50

@PigletJohn : Bear with me here.

It's all one piece but looks like a hexagonal "nut" with a flange.
It's completely smoothe ie. there is no thread or grooves inside the flange bit.
At widest point of nut- 20mm
Nut part - 3mm deep.
Flange height - 9mm
Overall height of whole thing - 12mm
Width of the hole through centre - 9mm.

The whole thing fits in horizontally, through the centre of our shower door roller. Pic of door and rollers attatched.
A bolt-type bit of kit, slots through the flange and sits in the centre of the roller.

It's purpose seems to be, to protect the hole in the glass door from being worn/ground away by the metal bolt as the door is slid to and fro.
The bolt is narrower (6mm) and can turn freely inside the flange.
The purpose of the nut bit appears to be to protect the glass door while enabling the roller to be tightened up.

I discovered the problem when shower door became a bit wobbly and I went to tighten the rollers with an Allen key.
Bits of perished plastic or perspex or whatever it is, just fell off as I removed the covers so I'm unable to adjust the rollers and, sods law, door is more wobbly than ever.

I'd be happy to buy new rollers if necessary but I can't find these anywhere either.
They all seem to be white, nylon types now, where these are slightly concave so they can roll along the top of the chunky rail.

All suggestions gratefully received.

DH has suggested a rubber washer and a bit of clear PVC tubing would do the job - I'm not convinced.

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PigletJohn Thu 06-Aug-20 07:38:37

So it's a plastic Bush.

Still can't visualise it enough.

Does a plastic bolt screw into the plastic nut?

PigletJohn Thu 06-Aug-20 07:51:31

Is it like

(But this is M10)


PigletJohn Thu 06-Aug-20 07:55:04

Or like this?

Wingedharpy Thu 06-Aug-20 15:38:29

@PigletJohn : You are a star!
The 2nd one is exactly it but in acrylic.
Just have to find the right size now but at least I have a name for it.
Thank you so much - very grateful for your assistance.👍

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