fixtures and fittings? rangemaster style oven stay or go?

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kaykkies Sun 02-Aug-20 18:02:24

Hi guys.

Buying a home that has a large rangemaster style oven.

The kitchen was custom designed by the owners and all units etc. were sized especially for the oven.. I'm not sure what kind of brand the oven is but my other half has assured me its expensive!

The description of the house was very brief and only mentioned 'a large bespoke kitchen with a range of units'.. No mention of any fittings.

The cooker is bolted to the floor/walls and has an on/off switch also installed to the wall beside it. Its gas operated and connected to a gas canister that is outside.

Thoughts on if or if not this would be included with the house??

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Awkwarddough Sun 02-Aug-20 18:05:41

We’re currently looking at a house and the listing says ‘range oven available by seperate negotiations’ therefore it isn’t included. If it says ‘Space for double oven/washer/dishwasher etc’ assume they’re not included. If it doesn’t say anything I’d assume it was included, when you buy you’ll get a list of everything included eg curtain poles, light fittings etc. Otherwise just ask the agent.

kaykkies Sun 02-Aug-20 18:12:48

starting to freak a little.

When the house was previously for sale it mentioned 'space for gas range cooker'

current owners selling have no mention of cooker in or not.. i will be pretty damn annoyed if its not included as there was no mention of it not being

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JoJoSM2 Sun 02-Aug-20 18:45:57

Stuff that’s fitted is generally included. Ranges are freestanding. However, ranges do come in standard sizes so you’ll be able to replace. Alternatively, you can agree a price for having it stay if the owners don’t want to leave it for free.

BumbleNova Sun 02-Aug-20 18:58:46

OP - it's freestanding so if you want it you will need to pay for it or buy a replacement.

Lightsabre Sun 02-Aug-20 19:05:45

Just ask - you can always negotiate. I think it's unlikely they'll take it as they're extremely heavy.

IamwhoIsayIam Tue 04-Aug-20 11:53:57

Does anyone know when to have this conversation? We are about to offer on a house with a similar style kitchen with range master. Do you mention it with your offer?


Mildura Tue 04-Aug-20 12:40:34

Do you mention it with your offer?

It avoids confusion/disappointment further down the line, such as this.

Make your offer, with an explanation of what you're expecting to be included, which the vendors can either agree to or highlight which items are excluded.

JacobReesMogadishu Tue 04-Aug-20 12:45:26

People definitely take ovens. When we bought this house the sellers tried to get me to pay £100 for a gas oven which looked to be 20 years old and probably wanted condemning. I said no, then they said they'd leave it anyway as it would cost them money to get disconnected. I said fine as I thought it would do until we got the kitchen refitted.

Walked in on the day we moved to find they'd taken it anyway. I was then 6 months without an oven!

NotMeNoNo Tue 04-Aug-20 14:18:33

You just need to clarify it as early as possible so you don't get a surprise. It sounds like an LPG converted range cooker. If it is literally bolted down then it sounds like it should be included but estate agents can be a PITA about fixtures and fittings and make you get into unnecessary negotiations about the value of a second hand appliance. In my view these things should either be in the asking price or out of it.

If they do take it, there are loads for sale secondhand in any colour you like.

Feelingpoorlysick Tue 04-Aug-20 14:24:46

If it originally said 'space for...' I would assume its not included. We bought ours seperately from the vendor.

CouldBeOuting Tue 04-Aug-20 18:06:15

Are you sure it's bolted down? We have a range oven it is wired into the electric and connected to the gas but not bolted down. It would almost certainly be coming with us if we were to move. After all, the dishwasher is plumbed and wired in.... would you expect that to be staying?

When we bought this house, our solicitor said that we should not "expect" anything to stay apart from the bath, basin & toilet in the bathroom and the fitted units in the kitchen. The vendor did give a list of things she intended to leave and we had to agree to accept them. She wanted to leave the cooker and our solicitor did point out that we could refuse and ask for it to be taken (as we were first time buyers we didn't already have one so it was all good).

VictoriaBun Tue 04-Aug-20 18:10:27

When we sold our house , we listed our Rangemaster as a separate negotiation, they already had one so we took it with us when we moved.

TaleOfTheContinents Tue 04-Aug-20 18:40:06

We're moving into a similar house and asked when we viewed about the range cooker and also asked for it to be included when we made the offer. I would ask for it if I were you, OP.

Whenwillthisbeover Tue 04-Aug-20 18:55:50

Highly doubt its bolted down, range cookers aren’t so you can clean behind and pull it out. It will be connected by standard gas and/or electric connections. Likely they are taking it. Range cookers usually come in standard sizes such as 900m, 1000mm 1200mm etc so no problem replacing one bough this decade.

kaykkies Wed 05-Aug-20 22:10:04


Highly doubt its bolted down, range cookers aren’t so you can clean behind and pull it out. It will be connected by standard gas and/or electric connections. Likely they are taking it. Range cookers usually come in standard sizes such as 900m, 1000mm 1200mm etc so no problem replacing one bough this decade.

I said it was bolted down didn't I?

Also received word today. The cooker is staying.

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kaykkies Wed 05-Aug-20 22:26:10

I am assuming things are very different where I live in Ireland as no one I consulted on this removes large wired/plumbed appliances. Certainly not any that would require a contractor to take away.

The oven is staying.. and i did not lie for those questioning that it was not bolted to the floor. It IS bolted to the walls and floor thank you.

IMO anyone's willing to hire all the appropriate contractors to disconnect/transport/store an oven + remove and refit a front door to get the thing out of the house is crazy.

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AlwaysLatte Wed 05-Aug-20 22:31:52

I wouldn't assume appliances are included unless specified.

CouldBeOuting Thu 06-Aug-20 09:20:20

I’m glad for you that you are getting the oven!

However, my large rangemaster oven (110 cm wide - don’t think they do a wider one) would not need a contractor to remove it. It didn’t need one to deliver and fit it! Turn off electricity and gas, disconnect, lower rollers (two screws at bottom), pull out. (I actually roll it out once a year to clean under and behind it anyway). Fits through the front door no problem. “Technically” you are supposed to have the gas connected by a corgi registered (in England) fitter but it’s just a bayonet fitting and easy to do. Perhaps yours is an Aga which I know is very different.

Either way enjoy your new home.

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