If you're a fan of the sound of music and live near Glasgow you might like this....

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titsbumfannythelot Fri 31-Jul-20 20:40:01


I certainly did

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SerenityNowwwww Fri 31-Jul-20 20:43:57


titsbumfannythelot Fri 31-Jul-20 20:50:29

It's pretty special

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CoolShoeshine Fri 31-Jul-20 21:36:23

It’s very nice - I don’t get the sound of music reference though?

lookatmememe Sat 01-Aug-20 03:49:09

Oh, I know someone who's interested in buying this! They asked me about the garden upkeep costs ( I'm a gardener ) it's too far from me to do, and I couldn't go look with them due to travel restrictions. It's pretty cool isn't it.

JoJoSM2 Sat 01-Aug-20 06:40:13

Lovely setting! It doesn’t look like the potential buyers should worry about garden maintenance: it’s just lots of grass with a small parterre.

titsbumfannythelot Sat 01-Aug-20 06:58:39

@CoolShoeshine the terrace overlooking the water reminded me of captain Von trapp's house

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SerenityNowwwww Sat 01-Aug-20 08:50:09

Still don’t get the music reference.

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