Is this worktop repairable?

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GeordieLass01 Thu 30-Jul-20 11:02:39

Hi, just want to know if this damage is repairable? Our dishwasher seal broke and a lot of the steam escaped over time and caused damage. We had to remove the laminate bit as it became sharp and was hanging on by a thread - now I can’t find it to glue it back on! So, if I can’t find it, is there anything I can do to keep it watertight (and better looking would be a bonus)? Really would prefer not to replace the whole worktop. Thanks.

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isseywith4vampirecats Thu 30-Jul-20 12:14:28

You could buy edging strip in a contrast and replace the whole length of the work top or buy a metal strip the width of the dishwasher

GeordieLass01 Thu 30-Jul-20 14:51:26

That’s a great idea. Thanks

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