Brighton - where to move to?

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notaflyingmonkey Mon 27-Jul-20 18:35:54

This may be a fantasy, but having been looking online over the weekend, and wondering if we could manage it.

Where are good areas that are walkable to the main station?

Kids are adults so schools aren't a consideration.

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vintageyoda Mon 27-Jul-20 19:11:09

The people's republic of Hove.

notaflyingmonkey Mon 27-Jul-20 19:16:45

Thanks Vintage what's the attraction with Hove? (I don't know it at all).

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Mimitoo Mon 27-Jul-20 19:53:32

Hove is where all the really rich people - who say they live in Brighton - actually live.

donkey86 Mon 27-Jul-20 19:56:14

Try Hanover (the area between the Level, Elm Grove and Queen’s Park) It’s walkable to both the station and the seafront, and it has a great sense of community.

dalrympy Mon 27-Jul-20 21:08:31

I think you have to give some more info about what you are hoping for. What is important to you etc.

Do you have a car?

What sort of budget?

Any restrictions - like needing to be close to a station etc?

dalrympy Mon 27-Jul-20 21:09:16

Sorry you say near the station - seven dials or Port hall are very nice

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