My kitchen! What sort of tradesperson do I need?

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Heatherjayne1972 Sat 25-Jul-20 19:33:37

My Kitchen is a mess.
Need a new boiler putting in radiator moving/replacing. Ceiling and walls repaired and plastered
Kitchen needs ripping out and replacing I most likely will need to redesign it
New light in ceiling and flooring

Arrgh. Do I need a general builder or will that just cost loads more than necessary

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isseywith4vampirecats Sat 25-Jul-20 19:43:34

apart from new boiler ours was a strip out and start again
we employed seperate people
electrician for rewiring
plasterer for walls
joiner son in law for putting in the new kitchen units
yours a gas engineer for the boiler and moving the radiator

CorporeSarnie Sat 25-Jul-20 19:56:31

Plumber/gas fitter for boiler and rad. Spark for the lights and any new sockets, power supplies for cooker and hood. Our builder (a friend) used to be a plasterer and did the floor, fitted kitchen with all the lasers etc and plastered, will come back once supplies aren't such a nightmare to do tiles. A joiner pal of builder did the worktops in a half day (big kitchen with a lot of tops, so we'll worth it). Bear in mind that unless things have improved since last month, some stuff is on back order like plaster so it is worth asking about this. We've coordinated most of the trades but all are people our builder has worked with before and trusts so well worth asking around for recommendations.

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