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Karcheer Tue 14-Jul-20 20:53:31

We are moving tomorrow and I feel like I need to write a note to the new people explaining what all the keys do.

Is there anything else you are supposed to tell people - the whole thing has been so stressful - my minds gone blank!

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HopeClearwater Tue 14-Jul-20 20:55:12

Bin day
Where the stopcock is

newyeardelurker Tue 14-Jul-20 20:58:16

Manuals for appliances. Warranties. Take away menus (not so needed now just eat etc are in place). Final meter readings.

LoisLittsLover Tue 14-Jul-20 20:58:21

Our sellers left us a little note about the location of the nearest parks, takeaways and also the names and brief description of neighbours

Bells3032 Tue 14-Jul-20 20:58:37

Bin days
Where the various taps are - gas, fuse box, stopcock, if there is a safe or anything
Where the gas and electric metres
If you're feeling nice and they're not local maybe suggest some nice resturants too smile

rottiemum88 Tue 14-Jul-20 21:02:15

Brief description of neighbours

Really?! Bit intrusive confused

Karcheer Tue 14-Jul-20 21:02:24

Thanks all, they actually only live around the corner, so they'll be ok with where local things are.
But some good suggestions, thanks. I think my brain has stopped working - too many bubble wrap fumes!

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LoisLittsLover Tue 14-Jul-20 21:03:57

@rottiemum88 it was done in a nice way eg Sam at 65 is usually happy to take in parcels, sue at 45 has 2 children who would love to make friends with yours, dog at 57 is huge but friendly

Meme2019 Tue 14-Jul-20 21:18:38

Our vendors left us a nice card and flowers and brief info about the neighbours.

Although what they didn't tell us is there is a broken waste water pipe under the house for the last 10 or so years. I guess they can't tell you everything wink

PoisoningPigeons Tue 14-Jul-20 22:38:44

Paint colours, where to get spare tiles or wallpaper for touch-ups.

Our previous house move, the old owners even described the non-human neighbours: "A small black cat named Dexter will call and will probably try to move in." grin

EventRider1 Tue 14-Jul-20 22:43:14

How to work the oven and hob!
In our last house, we couldn't work out how to switch it on and eventually had to call the agent who sent the old owner around to show us. Turned out they had put in a safety switch because they had young children and had forgotten to let us know where it was.
Other than that, bin days, meters, stopcock, how to work the heating/hot water, local takeaways, next door neighbours names.

Skyliner001 Tue 14-Jul-20 22:47:26

When we bought our house the note was:

Bin days
Neighbour names
Brief history of house (period property)
Wood / coal suppliers
Chimney sweep details
Mobile post office days

Elieza Tue 14-Jul-20 22:48:08

How to work the central heating!

Jerble Tue 14-Jul-20 22:54:01

As well as the above suggestions, we also left the details of builders, plumbers, electricians who had done work on the house. It’s a lot easier to get someone in who knows what’s been done before.

CarolVordermansArse Tue 14-Jul-20 23:11:15

Alarm code and instructions
Where to find the stopcock/s and how the water softener works
Septic tank emptying company
Instructions for appliances
Where to find the hot water switch/boiler/oil tank/generator
Bin day
Best vet in the area

We were once given a list of neighbours, starting with the ones next door on either side and right to the end of the lane. It was the kind of place where people didn't move away often but was odd because although we knew who they all were, we never met them.

Geepee71 Tue 14-Jul-20 23:15:48

Perfect timing, I've just pirchased a card and box of chocs to leave for our buyer, have sorted all warranties and instruction booklets and intent to list bin day info and note of neighbours names.

Have left paint and tiles for him if he need some to replace or match.

katsucurry Tue 14-Jul-20 23:29:56

What I wouldn't give for all of the above. We got the keys to our new house last week and were left piles of dog hair and treats on the carpet, a patio door that wouldn't open and missing keys and as my toddler found out today, dog poo covering the garden envy it's pebbled outside, so was disguised until now.

tootiredtothinkofanewname Wed 15-Jul-20 00:01:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Westnorwood Wed 15-Jul-20 00:05:34

We moved in, in Feb several years ago and the best thing was an explanation of the plants in the garden, when they flowered and any tips. I still remember the note had something said something like ‘they may not be to your taste but just in case you want to know’

bumblebeefairy Wed 15-Jul-20 00:11:57

Suppliers of gas and electric. So they know who to request a change from, if they want to use their own supplier etc.

caringcarer Wed 15-Jul-20 08:43:24

If only all movers would be so thoughtful. It would make moving home so less stressful.

Lockdownseperation Wed 15-Jul-20 08:45:18

Window cleaner details

inmylifeIlovedthemall Wed 15-Jul-20 08:56:00

Hmmm now realise I maybe went OTT last time I moved.

I left a full Lever Arch file, with;
- Guarantees / Instruction books for all the appliances
- details of when they were all serviced and who I used
- details of the Dr’s, Dentists, Plumber, Electrician, Builder etc
- details of all the house quirks e.g. where to find hidden switches for the outside lights, how often the tank header needed resetting etc.etc
- details of the paint colours in each room
- Photos of the Spring and Summer gardens (I moved in winter)

I then left Champagne, five sets of keys and a spotless house.

Luckily the house I bought came with similar instructions. Just the Champagne was missing !!

nettytree Wed 15-Jul-20 09:03:39

We moved in a year ago. We have 1 key we still haven't found a lock for. But please redirect your post and change addresses on thing like amazon. We still get parcels for old owners.

Honeyroar Wed 15-Jul-20 09:51:19

What keys are for what.
How boilers etc work.
Meter readings.
Anything applicable to the house-
Ie oil companies if oil heating, log supplier for wood burner etc.

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