Experian information is incorrect will this affect mortgage application?

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Bumpandus Sun 12-Jul-20 17:22:37

Hi I have been checking all my credit scores on different sites due to having a mortgage application declined. I am now going through a broker who is confident everything should be ok this time.

All credit scores are in good range however on Experian they only have my up to date info from 2014 and still have me at that address will this affect it? And how can I get the details changed it’s very odd!

Anyone had this happen to them??

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MartinJD1976 Sun 12-Jul-20 19:06:18

Are you on the electoral roll at your new place? It could have an impact with your AIP if the lender is unable to match your name to your current address given. Best to have a chat with your broker.

OMGisthisforreal Sun 12-Jul-20 19:09:16

Contact Experian and ask for specific advice. I had to register and do this 6 years ago and they were very helpful on the phone.

FedUpAtHomeTroels Sun 12-Jul-20 21:04:57

I contacted them to correct info they had on me before.

Bumpandus Sun 12-Jul-20 21:33:51

@MartinJD1976 yeah I’m on the electoral roll at current address that’s why I can’t understand why it’s so out of date the info.. all the other sites have the full correct information. Experian has me linked to my current address but says I live at old one, not on electoral roll etc. Weird. I’m gonna ring them tomorrow!

@OMGisthisforreal and @FedUpAtHomeTroels how quickly did they get the info updated? I’m worried that my current lender will reject me due to wrong info thinking I’m lying or something if I knew the info was wrong I would’ve sorted it before applying for a mortgage.

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Bumpandus Sun 12-Jul-20 22:03:27

Wow I’ve just signed up to money saving expert credit club and the Experian report on that is spot on. But when I sign in directly to Experian it is all wrong! My actual score comes up on credit club though so I am hoping this is what lenders actually see! Fingers crossed as I can see I was hard searched by my lender yesterday! I’m so stressed out!!!!

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OMGisthisforreal Sun 12-Jul-20 22:20:56

They sorted my query instantly - in that particular instance it was confusion about the electoral register. Very helpful and not intimidating - don’t worry!

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