Love the location but not in love with the house

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lockdownbreakdown Thu 09-Jul-20 17:38:36

Hi, so we bought our family home a year ago. Its a sixties semi and deeply unlovely to look at. However, it has the most spectacular views of the surrounding mountain ranges and the large windows really make the view breathtaking. I can literally see the weather changes coming in over the mountains. Utterly stunning. We would love a bigger house and will be able to afford one next year when my husband gets his increment rise. He is in a recession proof job so thats not a worry. However, in order to buy the bigger house, which would be detached , we would have to sacrifice the beautiful views . Has anyone done this ? Is it worth it ? or should be just extend and improve and keep living in a semi?

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GreenTulips Thu 09-Jul-20 17:47:43

I do miss the views!

It was lively to see so far and the changes in the seasonal colours as well as weather changes!

You might find both.

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