House under offer - neighbours raided.

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Gra18 Mon 06-Jul-20 23:54:21

We had an offer accepted on a house and we’re going through the process. It is close to were we currently live so I like to drive by to get a feel of the area.
Today a house a few doors down (6-7) was raided by police (loads of vans/cars & officers). It turns out it’s drugs related according to neighbours. We had our reservation about this neighbours house as it was slightly unkept compared to others so probably why I kept driving by. It’s not in an estate so relatively busy road.
All other neighbours appear nice and friendly and just accept this as living in London. I’m so torn it’s a nice house, it doesn’t tick all our boxes but zone 3 London I expect to make compromises. It’s actually in a good postcode and area but this makes me nervous. Would you pull out?

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Amicompletelyinsane Mon 06-Jul-20 23:57:36

My relative lives in a lovely area.5 bed houses etc. Next for neighbour was rented, single fella, lovely neighbour, quiet. Police raided and house was full of cannabis plants. One raid doesn't mean its normal for that area if you see what I mean. My relative was upset as the new neighbours after were a nightmare 😂

purpleme12 Tue 07-Jul-20 00:01:15

I agree one house doesn't mean the area's bad. Next door was a nightmare but ours is actually a good area. We were just unlucky.

You can't judge by one house

My garden looks unkempt but I'm a nice person lol

Gra18 Tue 07-Jul-20 00:02:56

That’s what I’m telling myself but our research found that his parent owns the house. He’s about 40ish and this is what he does. One neighbour said it hasn’t happened in a long time in order to reassure my husband 🥴 The guy doesn’t look nice or friendly if anything intimidating. He stares if you pass so we got bad vibes off him which twigged our concerns. Then I passed today as the police zoned in. Crazy timing so now we are feeling very unsure.

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pineapplepalmtree Tue 07-Jul-20 00:02:57

people were murdered on my street in london. in a nice pish bit too .. :/
if it was anywhere else i would be concerned at buying but with london and so many transient renters its always seemed a very mixed bag to me and it wouldnt necessarily put me off if the rest of the street seems good.

pineapplepalmtree Tue 07-Jul-20 00:03:47

posh even grin

Gra18 Tue 07-Jul-20 00:05:26

I do agree about London and I’m trying not to over react.

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CatAndHisKit Tue 07-Jul-20 01:08:58

the point is, you can't guarantee good neighbours when buying ANY house. Eve in a perfect street people can suddenlly move out and then it's a lottery.
I'm looking to buy and am nervous about it too. Lucky where I am apart from the couple opposite having loud rows now and then but they are nice to anyone else - I can live with that! grin

whiteroom Tue 07-Jul-20 02:01:35

We live on what I would consider a decent road, yet 2 years ago the house 3 doors away from us was raided and the couple were arrested and served a prison sentence for cannabis farming and possessing firearms. Their front garden was tidier than mine smile

Gra18 Tue 07-Jul-20 08:23:15

I get everyone’s point about not guaranteeing good neighbours and I would have said this myself but if you already know one is involved in drug dealing would this change your mind?

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Hoppinggreen Tue 07-Jul-20 08:28:00

We live in quite a posh area, one neighbour was raided by HMRC and one raided by armed police at 4am (twice). Unfortunately by the time the 2nd police raid was carried out the people had left and a lovely young couple with a 6 month old baby had moved in!
If the druggie house was next door in a terrace or semi I might have second thoughts but that far away I wouldn’t be too worried

Thecazelets Tue 07-Jul-20 08:34:09

I wouldn't be worried that far away if it was anomalous in the area.

But sometimes you need to follow your gut feeling OP - I didn't once on a flat I bought in a very rough area that was supposed to be up and coming 25 years ago (it's still not up and come😂)

If you don't feel right about it that might be telling you something?

Gra18 Tue 07-Jul-20 19:25:30

Thank you for all your responses it looks like no one really has an issue with it. Maybe I am over-reacting, It is our first house in London and we have young children so I was trying to get a feel for if I was being unreasonable or I should just go with it given crime is all around us. It just feels a little weird in that I now know for certain he is involved in drugs. He is obviously not as good as others above have mentioned at staying under the radar!!!

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CatAndHisKit Wed 08-Jul-20 00:34:37

I think it depends on your options - if this is te best house you saw (and can afford) and this is the only glitch, then I'd go for it. If he was next door - I wouldn't. But if you have more to choose from then see where it feels right.

Smallgoon Wed 08-Jul-20 13:15:55

You said it is it close to where you currently live, so surely you already have a feel for the area? How close are you to the area you'll be moving to?

Teacuplady86 Wed 08-Jul-20 13:20:10

I moved to a posh area. Shittest house in nicest location (as is often the advice!!)

My neighbours are HORRIBLE!!

We walked past at least 50 times before completion & didn’t hear a peep. sad so unlucky

Fightthebear Wed 08-Jul-20 13:28:02

I’ve lived in London for over 20 years and never experienced a close neighbour being raided, it’s not a normal thing ime.

If it’s drugs related you can expect a lot of coming & going at strange times. It would put me off tbh but as pp said if you already live in the area you will have a feel for how safe it is.

RedOasis Wed 08-Jul-20 13:44:11

Sound like he’s a good few doors away from you. If it was next door I’d be more inclined to want to pull out of the sale. But probably be ok as you won’t see comings ans goings unless your house faces them ... we have similar type neighbours round our way but we don’t get bother from them. It’s their immediate neighbours I feel sorry for

GracieLane Wed 08-Jul-20 13:52:50

I lived in a flat which had two neighbours raided in the same block in a matter of weeks. They were replaced with really good tenants because the landlord was much choosier from then on.

Gra18 Wed 08-Jul-20 17:15:41

The house is less than a mile from where I currently live but shops/cafe etc and inbetween us. That is why I kept driving by to get a feel for the road as its slightly further out. Like a lot of areas in London if you go most directions it is lovely but if you go one it's less nice. It is not the area I am concerned about. He is not a tenant his parent owns the house. I do feel sorry for his immediate neighbour as they apparently spent loads renovating their house and they are attached this his house. Although the new stamp has made the place a bit more attractive so I may just have ignore the neighbour and hope he moves away.
@redoasis I think that is what I will have to do. This is what the other neighbours do as my husband spoke to them..
@Teacuplady86 sorry you have neighbour problems, it is so hard to tell even with information beforehand!

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