What does a scheme of modernisation mean?

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yesterdaystotalsteps123 Sun 05-Jul-20 17:10:40

Hi, I'm viewing a house tomorrow described as needing a scheme of modernisation and have seen the photos so can tell the carpets/kitchen dated from early 80s maybe earlier. That's fine but could it mean more work than this? Is it a euphemism for serious building work? Roof and windows look ok in photos. I really like it but don't want to get my hopes up

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fourquenelles Sun 05-Jul-20 17:15:36

Could mean as little as redecoration but could also mean new kitchen, new bathroom, new wiring, new central heating and boiler, new windows. You will only know when you see it. Good luck.

Stefoscope Sun 05-Jul-20 17:18:56

Potentially could need a re-wire if the wallpaper and carpets look like they're 40 years old. Normally you'd expect the vendor to factor the cost of that into the sale price.

yesterdaystotalsteps123 Sun 05-Jul-20 17:21:22

Thank you, yes it is cheaper than others on the road so work has been factored in. I feel like as someone with very limited knowledge I could buy kitchen/bathroom from b and q or whatever but plastering and rewiring means finding a trusted builder and that is daunting when you don't have contacts. Plus it's probably very easy for costs to escalate

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