Would you buy a house with a japanese bath?!

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Mawbags Fri 03-Jul-20 17:32:21

Hi Property Gurus....need some advice on baths!

We are long overdue a bathroom refurb...it's v small but by nicking some pace from the adjacent (huge) room, we will end up with a bathroom that's 314 x 214 roughly

We know we can get the tub IN as we're taking down a wall....however, I don't know if anybody would ever be able to remove it?

And would YOU buy a home with a Japanese bath? We obviously would be we are complete Japanophiles!!

We are beginning to think it might end up being an expensive mistake as we already know that we will need to reinforce the floor.....

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isseywith4vampirecats Fri 03-Jul-20 17:56:50

no if I was looking at houses and it had a small bathroom I would rather see a shower cubicle than a Japanese bath I have a shower over the bath here and I never use the bath I only use the shower

Magstermay Fri 03-Jul-20 17:59:39

Would you have a separate shower? I personally love the idea of a Japanese tub, but I wouldn’t want one with young children so this may affect resale.

Northernsoullover Fri 03-Jul-20 18:01:33

I would. I wouldn't want one with just a shower cubicle but at least in a Japanese bath I could soak my weary muscles and warm my bones.

googledontknow Fri 03-Jul-20 18:01:34

I would, but I haven't had a bath in over 20 years (I have a bath, I just don't use it)

Ohffs66 Fri 03-Jul-20 18:02:04

I had to Google what it was and I would love one! I'd also want a separate shower for daily use but the bath would be amazing (disclaimer: I don't have children)

ThinkWittyThoughts Fri 03-Jul-20 18:08:26

I too had to google. Likewise - separate shower then go for it.


Mawbags Fri 03-Jul-20 18:13:26

Sorry guys I wasn’t being clear. We will be able to fit in a double shower cubicle regardless. It’s really a toss up between a shortish bath or just go full Japanese

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Mawbags Fri 03-Jul-20 18:14:44


That’s the problem: I would find it worrying with either young kids or oldies in the house!

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LoeliaPonsonby Fri 03-Jul-20 18:15:50

I would pay good money for a Japanese bath and looked into doing it in our house. Euro baths are deeply uncomfortable as they are generally built for taller people than me.

Would it be one that heats the water up? Or just the shape?

PutYourBackIntoit Fri 03-Jul-20 18:21:13

I would but we have one. Kids love it!

2bazookas Fri 03-Jul-20 18:23:42

I would, because I covet a Japanese bath.

I often enjoyed the one provided in my accommodation by a long ago employer.

yesterdaystotalsteps123 Fri 03-Jul-20 18:26:38

You can buy inflatable Japanese baths that sit in your shower cubicle for£60, some designs are prettier than others. I have one in my garden grin

Toomuchtrouble4me Fri 03-Jul-20 18:36:24

We bought our house with no bath - it just has showers. But our kids are older, with toddlers a bath is handy, but we have a butler sink and mine always had a bath in that anyway.

SynchroSwimmer Fri 03-Jul-20 18:36:56

Yes, I would love one.
But I would be pretty concerned about the size, volume and cost of the hot water tank needed to fill it to a decent depth...

gavisconismyfriend Fri 03-Jul-20 18:40:22

This would be so much better than a short bath - I’ve had a short bath in two houses and it is just like sitting in a big sink! Either legs or body get cold and it makes fit a thoroughly disappointing experience - a long soak is not an option. A Japanese bath seems like a great solution. Just imagine how luxurious and relaxing it would be!

PaulinePetrovaPosey Fri 03-Jul-20 18:41:10

Hell yeah. Bloody love them.

I'd bath kids in a paddling pool if I had one.

AnotherEmma Fri 03-Jul-20 18:44:36

It's a tricky one. We have a smallish bathroom which has space for a smallish walk-in shower and a short bath. In an ideal world I'd love a bigger shower cubicle and a full size bath. Currently our bath is very useful for DS (3) but it's too small for us adults and not very comfortable. We could get a big bath with a shower over it but I really like having the two separate.

I think for families with young children, a small bath is best, but for older children or just adults, a Japanese bath might be better.

Are they easy to get in and out of? For children and/or people with mobility issues?

GameSetMatch Fri 03-Jul-20 18:45:33

Yes, it wouldn’t put me off, in some ways they are a better shape than a traditional bath.

Diversion Fri 03-Jul-20 18:47:28

I love the idea, but have you considered that you will have to get in the bath to clean it properly? I believe that these tubs are just used for relaxation and that the Japanese wash in the shower before actually getting in the tub

scrivette Fri 03-Jul-20 18:47:52

Yes I would, am very tempted to have one when we redo our bathroom.

ILikeyourHairyHands Fri 03-Jul-20 18:49:17

Oh yes, I'd love one.

YNK Fri 03-Jul-20 18:53:04

I had a plumber remove a large enamelled bath.
He cut it in two to take it out.
I hadn't considered it might be a problem and it certainly didn't phase the plumber.

IlanaWexler Fri 03-Jul-20 18:53:21

It wouldn't put me off as long as there was also a shower. I do have young kids but I'm sure there's a work-around?

AlexaShutUp Fri 03-Jul-20 18:53:33

I would, I love them. As for kids and elderly people, I dunno...they seem to manage just fine in Japan! confused

It wouldn't put me off your house at all, I'd see it as a bonus. However, I imagine it might be a deal breaker for the uninitiated.

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