Housing waiting list times?

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Thepinkmum89 Thu 02-Jul-20 08:28:09

Hi all, I am new to mumsnet so please excuse me if I have made any mistakes..

Bit of background, I was born and raised in Sussex, but currently living in Wiltshire have done for 7 years.. after a recent marriage breakdown, and a breakdown with close family members my mental health has seriously taken a beating. I live here with my children, and not a great deal of support here from so called family, anyways...

I was accepted on to the housing list back in Sussex, and have been bidding. I’m currently 24 on a property, I know the likelihood of getting that property is very very slim but I was wondering if that means that I potentially won’t be waiting too long on the list if my queue position is quite low? Or have I got it completely wrong. I would love if someone could offer some advice and help me understand it all a bit better...

Thanks in advance ! 😊

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Lightsabre Thu 02-Jul-20 08:41:29

You were lucky to be accepted on the housing list from outside of your area. All Councils have different pressures and 3 bed properties are in demand. Does your Council produce a newsletter on what registration date the last successful bid was on? That will give you an indication of the wait time for each Band. In my outer London Borough, Band A are usually rehoused within 18 months, Band B about 2 years and up to 8 years for Band C.

Saladd0dger Thu 02-Jul-20 08:41:31

I’m in Wiltshire op and have been coming anywhere from 20-80 for over a year. Imagine everywhere will be the same. Did the bids open up this morning? As the week goes on and more people bid you may slide down the list 🙁

Thepinkmum89 Thu 02-Jul-20 09:18:13

I was accepted on there housing list due to my mental health and my only support is back that way... my sisters, and my older children’s father, my children’s grandparents on their dads side and other family members..Up here I have my parents however we’ve not spoken since December after my marriage breakdown in October. sad I am on Band B.. I am not entitled to a 3 bed, so I know it could be a long wait.. but I am completely new to the whole system and when I search waiting times it all gets a bit confusing

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Thepinkmum89 Thu 02-Jul-20 09:19:14

Also to add, that I bid on Monday’s and they close on Thursdays.. I have stayed 24th the whole time. Another property is 66th.

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