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sarahb083 Wed 01-Jul-20 15:16:35

Hello! We'd like some fitted wardrobes for our bedroom. I like the look of the Ikea Pax range, but we'd really like the built-in look with no gap at the top. We also have coving and baseboards, so they'd be a few centimetres off the wall, which I think would look strange.

It seems like the best option is to find a carpenter to make some bespoke wardrobes? The wardrobe would be in a corner - would we need the 'back' and 'side' pieces, or could we just have a front and the visible side?

We'd like about 3m of wardrobes, does anyone know roughly how much this should cost? We're just south of London.

Any carpenter recommendations welcome!

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intheningnangnong Wed 01-Jul-20 16:07:53

You can get Pax built in. Best of both worlds

QuantumWeatherButterfly Wed 01-Jul-20 18:16:45

Look at Gliderobes - we found them reasonably priced and very easy to deal with. They have a fitting service too.

SoosanCarter Thu 02-Jul-20 04:05:33

Hyperion in Leatherhead are great. Expensive, but worth it. Fitting was superb. I worked out how I wanted the interiors configured, and it makes the best of the space.

ishouldntsaybut Thu 02-Jul-20 07:43:06

We got a quote a couple of months ago for 3m pax wardrobes from Ikea, fitted out with drawers, full length hanging space & half length above drawers, also with a shelf at the top. There was 4 sliding frosted doors in the price which came to approx £1500 and this included the building of them at our house! We are going ahead as soon as our bedroom is finished smile.

Sooverthemill Thu 02-Jul-20 09:00:15

Google pax built in hacks . We did it with other ikea furniture for our built in selves in sitting room. Any competent joiner should be able to do it

Sooverthemill Thu 02-Jul-20 09:01:01

for example


BillyAndTheSillies Thu 02-Jul-20 15:13:39

We are in London and drove up to Hemel Hempstead to see the Space Slide showroom earlier this week.

We were quoted £1900 for 3m of sliding door built in, fully bespoke with interior.

You get the option to have someone from there install it, but we are having building works done so using our own carpenter.

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