Specialised tradesmen for different tasks or one that does all?

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WithIcePlease Tue 30-Jun-20 15:16:32

Personally I have a jack of all trades because he's trustworthy and it's handy for me.
Also I grew up with DF who was a flooring contractor. He's taught both my bil's to lay carpet and tiling. Plenty of people do their own flooring (a single mum I chatted to the other day had done her own in lockdown after watching you tube videos which impressed me!)
DF could do plastering, wall tiling, joinery and bricklaying from what he had seen over the years. So I guess it's just what I've grown up with.
It's handy too as speeds up a job - my man is painting outside of house but he's also repaired gutterings, repaired window frames and will repair some iron gates and a side garden gate. He's put bathrooms and a kitchen in a flat for me too.
I think you have to know and trust them though - my chap will just tell me if I need a specialist in

GingerFluffycat Tue 30-Jun-20 14:53:20

Jack of all trades, master of none...

I'd get a flooring company to do the flooring and a carpenter for the stairs/storage.

Adjeoebfwh Tue 30-Jun-20 14:03:30

Hi, we haven’t done house renovation ourselves so maybe this is a basic question.

We are looking to lay wood floors in some rooms, sanding some existing wood floors, update existing stairs that look a bit tired, and create some storage under the stair.

Those sound like jobs for a carpenter but I have seen specialised companies that focus on wood floor laying and/ or sanding too.

Should we find different contractors for different jobs or is it easier or even cheaper to get one?

For various reasons we will not consider DIY.

Also if we can get some recommendations in SW London/ Surrey on trademen it would be really helpful!

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