Leamington Spa - I know it's considered nice, but are there any negatives?

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CatAndHisKit Mon 29-Jun-20 23:09:39

My friend (she's 50) is thinking of moving there by herself. We both lived in london so Leamington is attractive for the shops/nice architecture that she's used to, and a good train to london. She's already in the Midlands (Notts) but wants a quicker train to London and also to be closer to the West country.

Budget is quite low but good choice of flats there - that's a bonus too.

We both visited briefly but need more knowledge on pros and cons.
Apart from the town centre, are there any shopping malls that are indoor?) I don't think thinl so but in wimter it's a big bonus for her as she's got a medical condition. Also what is the local hospital like, good standard?
Are people quite friendly or a bit snobby (comparing to Chelteham here, which has this sort of type grin)?


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