Anyone had dealings with safestyle?

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Rollercoasteride Mon 29-Jun-20 20:57:46

So we got a quote today for a new door, we chose what we wanted from the website, the guy measured the door, then gave us a quote.
We left it by saying thanks, we will let you know etc
However hubby has just had an email saying thanks for your order... wtf! Your door will be fitted on X date. We didn't sign anything.
Argh its put me off them now!

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slipperywhensparticus Mon 29-Jun-20 21:00:30

They rang me for 8 years trying to sell me doors and windows refused to accept I didn't own the home because "everyone says there home is rented but we can SEE yours is owned" hmm

Bluebelltulip Mon 29-Jun-20 21:05:48

They harassed me for months after I got a quote, blocked them and will never go near them again. A friend had some from them and they are awful quality.

MrsMcCarthysFamousScones Mon 29-Jun-20 21:05:49

There were on Watchdog at one point and were fined a couple of years ago. You might want to get onto them and make it clear you have not ordered and will report to the regulators/trading standards or whatever if they insist you have ordered.

Safestyle UK: Window firm fined for 'aggressive sales'

Rollercoasteride Mon 29-Jun-20 22:02:19

Omg what has hubby got us into! He only filled out the online quote form last night and someone was on the phone at 8am this morning!

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Littlegoth Mon 29-Jun-20 22:04:58

I had to call the police after one of their doorstep sellers bodily forced my front door open to continue with a hard sell. Won’t have anything to do with them after that.

BossBhean Mon 29-Jun-20 23:41:10


I had to call the police after one of their doorstep sellers bodily forced my front door open to continue with a hard sell. Won’t have anything to do with them after that.

Many years ago now, but I too had to threaten to call the police on a very 'scary' Safestyle salesman who wouldn't take no for an answer and got aggressive when I said 'thanks but that's out of my price range' when he gave me a quote for new windows and doors.


Amicompletelyinsane Mon 29-Jun-20 23:45:03

My last house has safestyle fitted windows. They were all awful. They kept turning up to offer quotes. Did my head in

bluebird243 Tue 30-Jun-20 19:11:07

I had a quote from them many years ago now. The salesman gave me a ridiculous quote, then lowered it a lot when I said no to his price.

After that he would not leave. He would not leave despite me asking him to, telling him I wasn't interested over and over again. As a woman there on my own I was starting to feel so intimidated.

Eventually, after me getting really angry I literally had to walk him to the door to get rid of him. It was a horrible experience and I will never forget it. I wouldn't touch that company with a bargepole.

Harry446677755 Fri 08-Jan-21 18:14:13

Have to admit their sales are very pushy but I didn’t mind haggling down to the bare bones.

Ignore their 11k that goes down to 6k after they recycle your old windows, all BS. Paying in cash gives you the biggest discount with them, finance you’ll get a “57%” discount but a further 10-15% if you use your loaf and haggle down further pre installation.

That aspect of it aside and they did a wonderful job with two front doors I ordered, one wouldn’t latch properly and they came out within a few hours of my calling and fixed it under their warrantee policy.

Am getting a further door and 7 more windows from them so I’ll update you when they’re installed.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Fri 08-Jan-21 20:55:45

Run as fast as you can. We made the mistake of getting a new front door from them. The idiot fitting it drilled through the hall wall into the bedroom and within a few years the lock wasn't working properly. We ended up having a new door from a local company as there was no way Safestyle were coming anywhere near my house again.

They kept hassling me for years afterwards no matter how many times I told them where to go.

mogtheexcellent Fri 08-Jan-21 21:00:09

Run run run!

Plenty of small local places that will charge much less and be better quality and better customer service.

Mutunus Fri 08-Jan-21 21:48:00

We had one of their reps come round to give us a quote. He literally got out of his car, stood at the end of our drive and said £6000 all in.
No measuring, didn't go round the back (ignored it when I asked about it). I basically told him to get lost such was his unprofessional attitude.
That was 3 years ago and we were pestered for weeks after with phone calls from the firm until I blocked them.

user1471538283 Sun 10-Jan-21 21:48:20

Have nothing to do with them! They are run by subcontractors and if they go bust your money goes with them. This happened to my DA but fortunately she paid by credit card so got her money back. You need a local firm. When I had new doors I asked friends on facebook for recommendations and they were brilliant

emiclifford Thu 06-May-21 13:01:31

BEWARE!! FRAUDSTERS & BOTCHED JOBS!! They send a pushy salemans to your house, who promises you everything you ask for and won't leave until you sign on dotted line. Then when it comes to installation, the windows are missing features you asked for. When you complain, it's explained that done of the things you asked for are written on your plans and your salesman has no recollection of your conversation. Totally disgusted with my new windows, waste of ALOT of money, wished I gone with another company. Check online for BBC watchdog article about poor quality and the fact they've been fined for 'aggressive sales' My sales representative was called Ahmad.

Beebeekeeper Sun 18-Jul-21 17:13:06

Gosh I'm so glad I've seen this. They wouldn't give me a quote without my husband present. God forbid naughty little wife would go door shopping with her own money without his permission.
Glad from these either comments that the quoting was cancelled. Either they are misogynistic dinosaurs or bizarre aggressive sales tactics.

GameofPhones Sun 18-Jul-21 17:34:54

They have a very bad reputation. I know from my own experience that their salesmen are aggressive and tell lies ("your neighbours are having this done" etc.). I had to write to them and threaten legal action to get them to stop knocking on my door.

LivingDeadGirlUK Sun 18-Jul-21 18:38:11


Gosh I'm so glad I've seen this. They wouldn't give me a quote without my husband present. God forbid naughty little wife would go door shopping with her own money without his permission.
Glad from these either comments that the quoting was cancelled. Either they are misogynistic dinosaurs or bizarre aggressive sales tactics.

We had the opposite issue, they wouldn't give my partner a quote without me being present. I was upstairs working and he is perfectly capable of picking a door and getting a quote. They guy just left didn't measure up or anything.

I then went onto facebook and asked on the local pages and turns out they do the hard sell, both you there, ridiculous initial price then that drops down but they try and make you sign on the day. So glad we didn't have to go through that but yes avoid avoid avoid!

Lemonmelonsun Sun 18-Jul-21 18:38:55

Oh godness - stay well clear - we had an awful time with them - its was endless calls, rude would never speak to me all had to speak to hubby, it was disgusting. Tried to rip us off when they did the exact same window next door and tried to charge us three times the price.

AfternoonToffee Sun 18-Jul-21 20:06:14

They ask for the other partner to be there so you can't use the "I'll have to speak to my X first" to get rid of them. Saying that we did have someone quote us for building work and wanted us both there - more I think to make sure we both knew what was happening. There was no pushiness though, no one day deals (just a warning that the quote may be updated if on a different day) . A week later we signed up.

Beebeekeeper Sun 18-Jul-21 20:53:40

So more of a creepy sales tactics than outright misogyny?
I guess slightly better but it still left a bitter taste!

StCharlotte Sun 18-Jul-21 20:58:10

We must have been lucky as we had all our windows from them last year and they were fine.

gingergiraffe Mon 19-Jul-21 00:29:33

I could honestly write a book about our experience with Safestyle! but will try to be brief!

About six years ago a rep knocked on our door. Old windows were needing to be replaced. He arranged for someone to come and quote. He let us choose exactly what we wanted but gave no indication of individual prices, like maybe where we could choose cheaper options. He stayed for ages, gave a high quote, we said no way, he had a tel chat with someone and dropped the price considerably. We still said no thanks, too high.

For days afterwards we were plagued with phone calls. Still insisted it was out of our price range. Eventually got a quote for almost half the original price so agreed. Rep came round again, spent ages working it all out again and then said he couldn’t do it for that price. We said sorry, but we had all wasted time and goodbye. He left and phoned again about 20 mins later and agreed the lowest quote. Came back to our house and we signed.

Surveyor came to measure up and we told him we wanted like for like. He said they would put scaffolding up at back and a tower at the front. It would take two men two days.

The first day arrived, no tower but three men sent instead. I left them to it but kept them supplied with food and drinks all day. All the windows were removed and new ones installed in just one day. Suddenly they said they had finished and I had to pay the remaining amount over the phone. Everything looked lovely from inside and I didn’t think to look outside. Just glad to have my house to myself.They left.

Don’t believe the old advert about them clearing up after themselves. It took ages to rehang curtains, put furniture back and vacuum carpets. Then I went outside. All the sills had been cut too short showing where the previous sills were. A few tiles on outside walls broken or missing, screws and debris all over the patios,. They looked awful.

Phoned Safestyle. Sent out surveyor. Told him we wanted them refitted with correct size sills. The same two cowboys came back. They said the sills were sent pre cut and it wasn’t their fault. I fed and watered them again while windows were refitted.

We then completely re decorated our bedroom, had walls replastered, painted and new carpet. When cleaning the window I discovered that the frame was cracked and the cowboys had said nothing, but filled in the crack with filler. Phoned Safestyle again. Surveyor came back. I was furious. Told him we did not want the same cowboys back again and he agreed to get a new frame made.

Two new fitters came. They told me they spend their time putting right all the bodged jobs and our windows were not the worst they had had to deal with. I got them to check all the windows. No special wedges had been fitted which stop the glass inserts dropping, so they did that. They put in the new frame and refitted the big downstairs window which was bodged.

The actual windows are fine and we haven’t had any problems since, but I think they employ ‘fitters’ who are not always capable.

Would I recommend? No. The whole experience was so stressful, but I have learned so much. Definitely get more than one quote if you can bear it and definitely go local! It was all a new experience for me and I had no idea people could be so pushy. We had about three phone calls after the first fitting asking if we were taking up their quote! I eventually had to be rather rude to get them to leave me alone.

PastMyBestBeforeDate Mon 19-Jul-21 00:39:18

They knocked on our door and said it was fine to quote despite me telling them the planning specified the windows we could have. They said they'd handle planning. They then phoned me outraged that I had let them quote knowing there was a planning issue hmm
I sorted the planning when we were ready and a local company did a really good job.

Roselilly36 Mon 19-Jul-21 08:56:40

Don’t bother with Anglia either OP, had them quote for replacement gutters, soffits & bargeboards at our old house, quoted £18k very pushy salesman. Had the works done by a local, recommended firm for £3,200!

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