To keep this internal door or replace? With pics! For tomorrow!

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Bananasandorangesss Mon 29-Jun-20 19:12:00

We’re currently completely renovating our 1950s house and have replaced all our internal doors with pretty big standard 4 panel doors. The door from hallway to the kitchen is a solid hardwood carved (with glass panes) number - was left by previous people. I’ve bought a 4 panel door with no glass to replace it tomorrow but having second thoughts. The existing door is a much better quality but just don’t know if it will look out of place to leave it. If left - would either paint white or varnish but would replace the glass to more modern smoked glass rather than this old 1970s style.

Do people like or hate this door?!?

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Bananasandorangesss Mon 29-Jun-20 19:14:52

Here’s some pictures of the door from the hallway and from the kitchen side - also a pic of the type of door we would use if we replace it tomorrow

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TipseyTorvey Mon 29-Jun-20 19:17:32

I think for me it would depend on the light. The door with panels probably lets more light through than you realise but if the room it's leading into is bright then I'd replace it. If not I'd keep it but paint white and replace glass as you said. Can you return the new door?

TheHighestSardine Mon 29-Jun-20 19:31:55

It is quite dramatic, isn't it! But useful, being a kitchen door, and with the light transmission... I'd err towards keeping it, I think. If it doesn't look too out of place.

caramac04 Mon 29-Jun-20 19:34:42

I’d keep it

HighlandPeach Mon 29-Jun-20 19:39:21

I don’t think it goes with the style of kitchen. It would work well in a retro house, so if that isn’t your style, I’d skip/sell it.

Floralnomad Mon 29-Jun-20 19:41:26

It would be out of there like a shot, sorry


user1471530109 Mon 29-Jun-20 19:41:46

Paint it? White so it matches kitchen a bit keep.?

I'd definitely keep it. I've got a wooden glass door on my kitchen, same era house (not as retro as tours though!).

buttersidedown Mon 29-Jun-20 19:46:23

I would get rid of it. Not a fan, sorry.

tilder Mon 29-Jun-20 19:50:57

Its beautiful. Solid hard wood vs bog standard panel door? Why wouldn't I keep the current door?

Then again, I have never understood the need to have everything new and all matching.

I wouldn't paint it either. I love the look of real wood.

tilder Mon 29-Jun-20 19:52:18

If you're get rid of it, please sell it don't skip it. There is a good market for quality wood second hand doors.

FAQs Mon 29-Jun-20 19:54:30

It doesn’t look original 1950s

Summerfortheages Mon 29-Jun-20 19:54:39

Can you paint it?

MaraScottie Mon 29-Jun-20 19:55:30

I couldnt get rid of it fast enough! It's very 1990s! Sorry OP grin

Yellowbutterfly1 Mon 29-Jun-20 19:55:41

If it was glass in each panel I’d say to keep them but I’ve never seen doors like yours before and I’m afraid I would have to change them.

MazDazzle Mon 29-Jun-20 19:56:13

Well it’s your house, so if you love it keep it.

But since you’ve asked for opinions, I’d get rid of it.

I love original wooden doors, but IMO that one’s awful. Smoked glass is very expensive and the handle would need replaced too. At the end of it you’d still be left with an ugly door.

itsundermypillow Mon 29-Jun-20 20:02:15

It's not something I'd keep but I know my sister would totally love it . A real marmite door !

ARoseInHarlem Mon 29-Jun-20 20:03:04

I would want all the doors in my house to be the same, if I'm renovating entirely.

Sabee Mon 29-Jun-20 20:04:55

Personally, I don’t like it.

I think you could get away with it if the wood was much lighter? As it really doesn’t go with the kitchen.

The light coming through is a positive though.

Perhaps you could sand and stain it lighter?

WaffleCash Mon 29-Jun-20 20:05:48

I'm not keen but i think i dislike the bog standard white 4 panel door even more. Shaker style would be more in keeping with both the kitchen and age of the house

My0My Mon 29-Jun-20 20:07:10

I don’t think your new doors are remotely 1950s. They are in nearly every estate house these days. Just ubiquitous. The wood door is unique. Not my taste and it doesn’t go with your kitchen. Sell it?

passthemustard Mon 29-Jun-20 20:11:58

I'd being getting rid of that one 😬

Bananasandorangesss Mon 29-Jun-20 20:18:24

Thanks all - yes the door definitely is NOT 1950s, would say 70s/80s going by the pattern on the glass but I appreciate the quality of the wood which we don’t have on the replacement doors. Actually the original 1950s doors in the rest of the house were those ghastly plain ply hollow doors with no detail on whatsoever. We will probably sell the house at some point in the coming years so really interesting to get everyone’s views. Think I’m erring one the side of changing it...though the light aspect is one to think about as that area of the hallway can be a little dark otherwise...if I kept it I think would have to paint white and change glass

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sbplanet Mon 29-Jun-20 20:48:44

You could keep it and change the panels in it? It is a much better door than the new one, but...
I'd be tempted to paint it first, see how it looks and if it's not matching then swap it out. You could swap it out for another door rather than the panelled one, get another with half glass panels?

weepingwillow22 Mon 29-Jun-20 21:07:08

If I kept it I would paint it a dark blue or charcoal grey rather than white. I think it would suit the style of door much better and give it are more contemporary feel

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