to move or to extend?

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Loofah01 Tue 23-Jun-20 09:14:59

I'd suggest getting an architect to come over and present a few ideas. They can usually come up with something and it is a right ballache moving; it's also an expensive option and the money could have been spent on changing the house...

Pipandmum Mon 22-Jun-20 18:10:21

I would put a loo under the stairs. Push the kitchen out sideways and knock through to dining room. That would give you a nice grown up living room to the front, and a good size kitchen/diner. You could put the kitchen in the dining area to have the seating area nearer the garden which will allow a good size door to the garden as it won't have units along that side anymore.
Is there room upstairs to move the utility? Then I'd knock that down and square off the back then you could centralise big doors out to garden. It will cost but it will have real wow factor.
If you are handy with computer you could do a rough design yourself and ask a few builders to quote, though if you do the work you will need to get a structural engineer to work out the loads. Plus get planning - likely to be permitted but you will need party wall agreements if building to property line.
Moving - you will have to pay stamp duty and moving costs plus lawyers fees. Doing it yourself means you get what you want.

makemynest Mon 22-Jun-20 17:58:56

@greentulips thanks, I have already a garden door in the kitchen (bottom right of the kitchen) but I would ideally like a door opening on the patio.

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GreenTulips Mon 22-Jun-20 17:55:35

Or extend the side return more and move the kitchen over or have the current cooker area as a island and create a glass walkway to the garden with breakfast bar stools?

GreenTulips Mon 22-Jun-20 17:52:28

Why can’t you use the window in the dining room as a door?
Block the kitchen external door or have a sort or porch between the window and door to form a different route

makemynest Mon 22-Jun-20 17:42:47

Thanks in advance for any input and sorry if this is too long. I've bought my ex out during divorce a few years ago, but I am since undecided on what to do next.
I live in the outskirts of London (within M25) and been lucky enough the house has increase significantly in value since we've bought it. Said that, the house layout doesn't work for me. The main problem is the lack of space for a kitchen diner and the fact the current layour doesn't allow to open up into the garden.
The house is Victorian, built around 1900, as you can see from the floormap the wall between kitchen and an adjacent leanto has been knocked through, unfortunately the roof of the outbuilding is too low to allow a door at the very end, so the only way to have a door opening into the garden would be to demolish and rebuild the extension.
These are the options I can see:
1. Use existing space so I can have a smallish kitchen diner but no door opening to the garden. This is the cheapest option but clearly a compromise.
2. Get rid of the outbuilding and extend into the garden. Very expensive but I can take and advance on the mortgage. Obv this would allow to create the layout I want and perhaps add a cloackroom which would be a bonus, but on the other hand I live alone with one child so don't really need a huge amount of space.
3. Move somewhere else and find a house that already have the layout I am looking for, I will need to stay local to the area so little one can see his dad, but I could move to a less well connected location.

I would really appreciate any suggestion/opinion. Do people think option 1 would allow enough space for a kitchen diner?
My plan would be to turn the current dining room into a living area, so I would need enough space in the kitchen in case I have the occasional guest.

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