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Baileys20 Fri 19-Jun-20 21:43:17


I am thinking of converting a small box room into a walk in closet with 4 or 5 of these:

The room Is separate to the main room, albeit shares the door frame with it so very close. The box room has laminate flooring, would be hovered and/or moped at least once a week, and Box room door would be kept shut. It has a small bay window, with wooden blinds, at the opposite end to the door. Thinking light coloured clothing at window end to avoid possible bleaching of clothes.

Wondering if I should go for it or get some ikea pax wardrobes in the alcoves of the main bedrooms. Or to organise the small box room into a closet as described. Thoughts please ????

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Baileys20 Fri 19-Jun-20 23:58:52


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JuanitaJuanita Sat 20-Jun-20 00:18:44

I had open wardrobes in a small room for a few years and the shoulders of of the clothes were constantly dusty. Wrecked a few delicate things, actually. I've got doors now and it's much better. I wouldn't have open again.

Jenjenn Sat 20-Jun-20 00:31:00

Yes to having box room as dressing room but no to open rails. It would look messy and stress me out.

Baileys20 Sat 20-Jun-20 00:33:48

That is a concern, and thank you for replying. It’s probably reinforcing whatever I do it’s probably best to have doors, albeit it won’t work in the small box room unless I can find some tall ones To still get a double rail with a 50cm depth (and not 60 cm). Hence, probably would go with standard ones back in the main room - unless someone knows where I can such wardrobes from?

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MotherForkinShirtBalls Sat 20-Jun-20 00:59:44

Could you add fabric covers to the argos frames?

Baileys20 Sat 20-Jun-20 01:14:25

I think I would prefer to have regular doors, and I am now thinking to go with Converting the box room. Have regular depth Wardrobes on one side and maybe shallow wardrobes, that can take folded items, on the other.

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