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Is there a kind of Mumsnet for DIY?? I need help with a couple of wee jobs

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Pruners Mon 24-Sep-07 11:04:38

Message withdrawn

noddyholder Mon 24-Sep-07 11:06:17

Normal decorators filler is fine for that.Leave it until it is bone dry sand and then paint over

Pruners Mon 24-Sep-07 11:07:13

Message withdrawn

Wisteria Mon 24-Sep-07 11:08:07

Decorators caulk I think

foxinsocks Mon 24-Sep-07 11:08:25

I would paint and then replace the skirting board (if you're taking them off)

foxinsocks Mon 24-Sep-07 11:10:29

that's quite a big gap to fill

if you are sort of on my level with DIY wink, you may find it quite a challenge to get it nice and smooth.

Pruners Mon 24-Sep-07 11:29:59

Message withdrawn

bubblepop Tue 25-Sep-07 12:59:58

hi pruners, decoraters caulk is what you need

MamaG Tue 25-Sep-07 13:01:00



comes in a tube (like sealant) and you use a gun.

DH has used it v successfully in our house

(screwfix have a message board apparently too)

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