Homebuyers Survey - recommendation?

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Bells3032 Tue 30-Jun-20 17:11:59

Deff worth getting them. will pick up any major issues that you wouldn't of seen yourself. don't skimp on it. When someone bought my childhood house they ended up with a 60 page copy and paste report that told them nothing. It just said may have this and may have that. didn't pick up the faulty wiring (not dangerous just made the lights flicker), the broken tiles on the roof and the asbestos in the roof. I reckon when they they moved they were met with an awful bill after (no sympathy they messed us around for months, tried to guzunder us on exchange day saying they didn't have the mortgage in place and then went on to build a massive extension).

They don't share it with your mortgage provider if you get it done independently

smenon14 Tue 30-Jun-20 16:48:15

Thanks @Owl1994. We decided to do the basic one through Halifax and get our own Homebuyers, just in case there was any detail on there that we were fine with, but would raise eyebrows for the mortgage.

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Owl1994 Thu 25-Jun-20 15:38:04

We have had one done through our lender (Halifax) for £445 and it’s a good standard! Plenty of information on it Xx

smenon14 Sun 14-Jun-20 00:05:02

Hi everyone! We're in the process of buying house, and debating whether to get a homebuyers report, but there's so many firms and such varying reviews of them that it's doing my head in. Has anyone got a recommendation for a firm they liked, and why? We are looking for a firm that would give us a thorough, professional review of the property (as I'm sure everyone does). The new house is based in Surrey, near Caterham/Oxted areas. Thank you in advance!

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