Can someone send positive vibes or advice

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Simonsaysitschristmas Mon 08-Jun-20 10:15:16

Today we have the 9th viewing of our house. Been on the market since Feb, and it just feels relentless now and I’m struggling to stay positive.

We had one offer which we accepted, but then they pulled out as they realised they actually couldn’t afford it.

I just feel like we will never sell. Every week making the house pristine, letting strangers look around and judge your house for them to give really positive feedback and then radio silence.

I guess this thread is just a bit of a moan really. Any positive stories welcome smile

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Loofah01 Mon 08-Jun-20 10:57:20

Realistically it hasn't been on since Feb because of lockdown. Really it's only a matter of weeks and you've already had an offer! So lucky, it must be a desirable place that will sell soon ;)

over50andfab Mon 08-Jun-20 11:03:46

Personal experience and of others is that it’s a sellers market currently. Gazumping going on in one area, in ours we viewed a house on Friday and put in an offer. Someone else did on Saturday. Today we both had to submit best offers. Another friend had her house sale accepted Last week along with her offer Agreed on another property. I think things are moving, although not sure about top end of the market.

TyrionsNextWife Mon 08-Jun-20 11:04:33

If you converted lockdown time into normal time, then you’ve had a good number of viewings already - it must be an attractive property! Fingers crossed that today’s viewing is the one, all it takes is one buyer 🤞

Simonsaysitschristmas Mon 08-Jun-20 11:23:49

Thank you so much for the responses.

True about lockdown meant we couldn’t do a lot of viewings, I just stress that the longer it’s on the market the more people will think something is wrong with it. Although, I need to remember that if the only thing Covid-19 impacts for me is my house sale I am one of the very very lucky ones!

The feedback we’ve had so far is very good, everyone has said it’s beautifully presented, but in some ways I want negative feedback so I can actually DO something to try and get a sale if that makes sense. It’s hard when people seem to give you good feedback on price and suitability and then no offer at all.

Annoyingly we are also at the age where all of our friends are buying houses and while I am so pleased for my friends who all seem to be progressing without drama, I think some jealously is probably seeping out of me.

Hopefully the fact that we had an offer will give us some confidence for today’s viewing!

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Kopsy Mon 08-Jun-20 17:35:13

Here for a show of solidarity - I could've written your post OP, except no offers for us!

I find it exhausting cleaning the house to within an inch of its life and getting my hopes up over and over sad my husband is so laid back about it but I'm fed up now.

Fingers crossed we'll both find some luck soon! thanksstar

intheningnangnong Mon 08-Jun-20 18:46:35

It’s the cleaning that wears you down. Don’t forget OP that it only take 1 person to want it. It’ll happen.


Simonsaysitschristmas Mon 08-Jun-20 20:47:34

Thanks all - I think you are all right about the cleaning. Making sure everything is pristine and then someone either a) cancels 5 mins before they are due or b) turns up, stays for 5 mins and you realise they have done no research into the area/their move/they don’t have the funds etc etc.

Didn’t get promising vibes from tonight but I feel a lot more positive after this thread. Hopefully we will get someone else to book a viewing soon and then the rollercoaster can begin again smile

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Kopsy Mon 08-Jun-20 21:57:23

Totally agree. We had a cancellation an hour before they were due to turn up on Wednesday and it was gutting after getting up early before work to finish perfecting the house!

It really is a rollercoaster isn't it! I wish I could be more laidback about it but I'm quite an anxious person so that's not really working for me blush

Keeping fingers crossed for everybody in a similar position. It only takes one to like it 🤞🏻

Simonsaysitschristmas Tue 09-Jun-20 09:57:43

@Kopsy I’m naturally anxious too and agree it is not helping matters blush

Fingers crossed for us all - please anyone in a similar position feel free to post any of your updates and we can all root for you and send all the positive house selling vibes your way!

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DeeplyMovingExperience Tue 09-Jun-20 14:47:18

The cleaning and getting the house presentable is the thing that really does my head in. Especially then when it's all done, all the waiting and hanging around when really you just want to go in the kitchen and knock up a spag bol but you can't even leave a single crumb out and the whole place has to smell nice (rather than garlic and chillies and wine smells).

It's very stressful!

dooble Tue 09-Jun-20 15:13:03

whats the market like where you are? My relatives are selling in south London & put it on just before lockdown. However 2 other properties have recently gone up on the same streets (all similar properties) for cheaper so depends how long relatives want to wait I think.

Simonsaysitschristmas Tue 09-Jun-20 16:50:59

It’s hard to tell what’s happening, lots of things keep selling and then reappearing so assume lots of covid related collapses.

We’re in a weird location - people who don’t live here don’t seem massively keen to move here (and don’t seem to do any research on the area before they view) but people who already live here really don’t want to leave. So most of our viewings are from people already in the village we live in. Things are still shifting though which is positive, just hope ours is next. We obsessively look at right move to make sure our house is still competitively priced against the others.

I know the really stressful bit comes when you actually have an offer but I am just itching to be able to pack up all my things and have something to look forward to 😂

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dooble Tue 09-Jun-20 16:55:37

How can you see what things are shifting for though? doesn't it take a while to show up on zoopla etc?

Kopsy Tue 09-Jun-20 17:34:50

We have a viewing booked for tomorrow, but it's a couple looking to relocate here for retirement and we live up a fairly steep hill 🙈 so I don't feel like it's going to be the one for them!

Glad it's happening whilst I'm at work so at least DH has to deal with it rather than me for a change grin I need to get the house sorted tonight though!

Simonsaysitschristmas Tue 09-Jun-20 17:47:47

Oh good luck @Kopsy sending you all the positive vibes!!! Please report back tomorrow

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Kopsy Tue 09-Jun-20 17:51:28

@Simonsaysitschristmas thank you smile it's at 4pm so hopefully should have some feedback from the agent on Thursday 🤞🏻

Kopsy Tue 09-Jun-20 18:37:00

Oh and did you hear back after your viewing @Simonsaysitschristmas?

Simonsaysitschristmas Wed 10-Jun-20 11:22:11

We’ve not heard back yet - going to ask the estate agent to chase in a few days but it quickly transpired they weren’t really in a position to move and hadn’t done any research.

Hopefully your viewing at 4 will be a lot more productive!

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Kopsy Wed 10-Jun-20 14:39:10

@Simonsaysitschristmas don't you hate the wait to hear from the agent? It's a horrible limbo!

We'll see how our viewing goes, but I've written them off in my head already to be honest, I just don't think our house is very retirement friendly! At least DH is having to finish off the tidying and actually doing the viewing grin

Simonsaysitschristmas Wed 10-Jun-20 18:07:01

How did it go @Kopsy? Did they manage to get up the hill? grin

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Kopsy Wed 10-Jun-20 18:33:00

@Simonsaysitschristmas grin they made it up the hill thankfully!

DH said they seemed positive, but said they were quite elderly so he'd have thought a bungalow would've been more suitable really. He said they asked lots of questions and asked for his phone number in case they thought of any more questions, but as I said to DH, they might be collecting numbers from every house they've seen!

Should hopefully have some feedback tomorrow but if I was their daughter I think I'd be telling them it wasn't very practical so I'm not too fussed if that's what they come back with.

Here's hoping our EAs are in touch soon with some more viewers to book in 🤞🏻

Itscoldouthere Wed 10-Jun-20 18:47:08

One good thing is that anyone viewing should be serious, hopefully your estate agent is vetting everyone due to Covid and should only be sending serious buyers.
When we first put our house on the market Nov last year, we had several viewers who seemed to just be on a jolly day out, several non drivers (we live in a village with hardly any public transport) and people who had not done any research on the area (London escapees who wanted a big house but couldn’t afford it in London) it was all rather frustrating.
Luckily my DH is much better at showing the house so I left it to him and went out most of the time, also our DC are now late teens so not too messy.
Hopefully someone will offer soon, keep smiling and gritting your teeth through it smile

DeeplyMovingExperience Thu 11-Jun-20 10:48:29

Bloody hell. We have just received the most unbelievably insulting offer! I am totally gob-smacked. Why on earth would people go and view a house that is clearly way out of their budget? They seriously expected us to knock 100k off the asking price. Is this normal behaviour? My mind is blown.

Simonsaysitschristmas Thu 11-Jun-20 11:05:19

100k shock no that sounds ludicrous (unless your house is up for millions). I was offended when someone tried to knock 25k off ours so I would be raging at that!

I think some people are just trying their luck and expecting the market to crash. While we are keen to move, we are prepared to wait it out if necessary (hence letting our sale fall through rather than knocking off anything more for them).

Selling/buying a house has definitely shown me just how weird some people are though. Who in their right mind offers 100k less than the asking price!

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