Antique mirrored splashback

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ErrolFinn Sat 06-Jun-20 09:53:09

Does anyone have a mirrored splashback behind their hob? We are considering an antique mirror splashback behind our range but I'm concerned it will be a nightmare to keep clean. Anyone have any experience with one?

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ohhhhhyes Tue 01-Dec-20 10:43:33

Did you get one? I'm considering for behind my sink

SockDrawer Tue 01-Dec-20 10:46:19

I don’t have one but would love one!

Overthisnonsensedotcom Tue 01-Dec-20 11:14:37

Had one. It was beautiful. Heat from a very hot saucepan handle that was pushed against it cracked it within a month. Double, triple check that the glass will withstand cooking. Our kitchen advisor said not to replace behind the hob as it was likely to happen again. They are only really suitable as splash backs for worktops and sinks.

PresentingPercy Tue 01-Dec-20 11:40:00

I have a mirror splash back behind my sink. Reflects my garden and light! Behind a hob - no. Possibly an induction one but generally not a good idea.

Saz12 Tue 01-Dec-20 12:48:01

Awwww. Bummer, I really like these and wanted one. Ho hum

PresentingPercy Tue 01-Dec-20 14:34:07

If a mirrored finish can be found on heat resistant glass made for a hob splash back - that’s perfectly ok. Try that avenue?


thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter Tue 01-Dec-20 14:44:50

Do you mean an antique mirror or a modern mirror that's been made to look antique iykwim? I'd be worried about the mirror shattering with knocks or the heat, old glass/mirrors smash in long shards. Although you could coat it in a specialist stick backed plastic layer - should help protect it and if it smashes all the pieces will stay stuck to it.

Sounds lovely btw, have you seen any good pictures 👀 hopefully we'll be redoing our kitchen next year so I'm on the hunt for pinched ideas #onthenaughtylist grin

ChateauMargaux Tue 01-Dec-20 14:49:20

Pictures please.. especially @PresentingPercy... reflecting your garden sounds beautiful!

PresentingPercy Tue 01-Dec-20 15:41:56

This is a picture of the reflection in the mirror behind the sink.

PresentingPercy Tue 01-Dec-20 15:45:10

Just done a quick check - you can get mirrored heat resistant toughened glass for hob splash backs. Just get googling! I have my hob on the island and I look out via the glass sides of the kitchen. I do prefer that if you have room.

starsinyourpies Tue 01-Dec-20 16:12:55

Do you mean this kind of thing OP? I had wondered how practical they are too.

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