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Epic bath fail

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GlumyGloomer Fri 22-May-20 22:36:47

So about three weeks ago our toilet started leaking. We've been here less than a year, and the house has thrown up plenty of unwelcome surprises. Like pulling a lose thread the leaky toilet turned into a complete bathroom makeover, funded by my very dear parents. So I chose a new bath, a steel bath as I found the old acrylic one went cold very quickly, with an anti slip base for safety (without needing to faff about with mats). Just started actually using the sodding thing and it feels horrible. Ok to stand on, but really uncomfortable to sit or kneel on, and it covers at least two thirds of the bath. I feel totally gutted. My girls (3 and 9 months) love bath time, and I feel like this bath is going to ruin it for them. Looking on Amazon I found one mat which supposedly sticks on textured surfaces , but it's pretty expensive and the reviews are very mixed. There is absolutely no way we can change the bath, and after my parents so kindly paid I feel rotten about the whole thing. Has anyone else had a steel anti slip bath? (It's a Roca). Google keeps giving me anti slip solutions for smooth baths and I can't find anything useful. Help me, mumsnet, you're my only hope!

wehaveafloater Sat 23-May-20 04:00:15

Go onto Amazon and buy some foam that you can put in the bottom of the bath . After bath time wring it out. Much easier than replacing the bath.

QuestionableMouse Sat 23-May-20 04:35:29

Mam used to stick a towel down in our old enamel bath. The enamel had started to go and it was like sandpaper on your arse!

Contact the company? They might be able to recommend a mat or something.

MsHeffaPiglet Sat 23-May-20 23:46:02

I chose a steel bath and was wondering whether to get it with the anti slip coating. But I knew I wouldn't cope with feeling of it as I have sensitive feet. Hate to think what it would feel like on my bum. So you have my sympathies OP. Hope you get it sorted.

GlumyGloomer Sun 24-May-20 09:55:27

Thanks for the replies. I dug out my old shower mat, and it turns out that because the anti slip is in clusters rather than a solid block the suckers find enough smooth surface to stick quite well. It'll do for the kids to sit on anyway. In the long term I expect we'll mostly be using it as a shower so it's ok. I'm still really annoyed with myself but at least there is an easy solution.

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