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Replacing A Garden Fence

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JediJim Thu 21-May-20 23:24:49

A few months ago, a few weeks before the lockdown, two fence panels fell down ( about 12 foot in size).This is at the end of the garden, it’s also broken in the middle of the fence. It’s a fence we share with a neighbour, but it’s definitely our fence.It’s 20m, or 60 foot in length.
So had a few quotes, one virtual quote, the other where a man came to look.
It’s currently feather board fencing with timber posts. Possibly original as the house is now 20 years old ( we’ve lived here for 3 years). It’s a real pain in the bum and something we could do without, especially with everything that’s going on.
But obviously it needs fixing nonetheless.
So I originally wanted the whole fence replaced with gravel boards and concrete posts, for a longer lasting job. But the cheapest quote we got for that was £1500.
The cheaper price was £400, that’s to replace the missing panels and repair the broken section of the fence. Now, DW thinks we should go for the cheaper option, we don’t have £1500 and we’d have to use a credit card for that. I don’t want to live hear forever, I’m thinking this may be a ten year max house, so not sure it’s worth paying to get the whole thing done.
Any advice? Will replacing the wooden posts last? Is £1500 for 60 foot fence good value? Never had to replace a fence before, it’s not really something I’d try myself either.

Notso Thu 21-May-20 23:33:49

I don't know about the posts and boards because we already had them but we've just paid £350 to replace 18 fence panels. The panels are tanalised feather edge.

JediJim Fri 22-May-20 13:25:13

Oh ok. That’s doesn’t seem to bad for the amount of panels.

Walkacrossthesand Fri 22-May-20 14:53:49

£350 to replace 18 fence panels? Id have thought the labour alone (couple of days work) would be a big chunk of that, and then 18 fence panels....

TheHighestSardine Fri 22-May-20 15:15:20

Huge bargain Notso - just the panels are £20+ each!

Your current posts lasted most of 20 years, so replacing those will last ten easily. Go for the cheap option.

PigletJohn Fri 22-May-20 16:01:39

it will be difficult to replace just the broken post, because there will be a great lump of concrete buried in the ground, which will be in the way. Builders are especially profligate in the use of concrete.

Fencing contractors don't like digging these out, so they usually leave them, and dig holes for an entire set of new posts set top the side of the old ones.

an amateur willing to spend a bit of time and effort can break up the old concrete lumps and replace posts individually.

BTW wooden posts will always rot and break. If you ever go through the effort of replacing them, you will resolve never to use wooden posts again.

JediJim Fri 22-May-20 20:26:17

So do you think £1500 to replace a broken fence with concrete posts is a good price for a 60 foot fence?
Again not a forever house, I’d like to move in maybe 4/5 years time.

LIZS Fri 22-May-20 20:31:37

£1500 is ok ish. We paid almost £3k a few years ago for 200 ft.

LIZS Fri 22-May-20 20:32:56

but I would not max out a cc for it and assume it includes clearing away debris and leaving tidy.

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