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Good Estate Agents in Edinburgh

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mousemole Wed 19-Sep-07 20:01:06

Might be moving to lovely Edinburgh for a year - can anyone recommend good estate agents for rental? Would be looking for a 4/5 bed house or flat near to centre.
Thank you !

LieselVentouse Thu 20-Sep-07 09:51:11

Lovely Edinburgh?? Thats a contradiction in terms isnt it??

expatinscotland Thu 20-Sep-07 09:53:58

Just watch out, because 4/5 bedroom houses and flats are very scarce near to centre (it's usually a flat that's had one of its reception rooms converted to a bedroom), and they may be located in areas of high student population. In other words, not very quiet.

LieselVentouse Thu 20-Sep-07 10:02:38

just buy expats house

expatinscotland Thu 20-Sep-07 10:04:25

The housing association doesn't allow right to buy, Liesel wink. And they are all 2 beds round here.

Think mouse might be looking in the Marchmont or Bruntsfield area.

Anyhow, bumping this! Hopefully someone will be around who knows more, as we've not used a letting agent here and we're leaving Edinburgh for good next week.

LieselVentouse Thu 20-Sep-07 10:05:34

next week wow, youre going to argyll arent you?

expatinscotland Thu 20-Sep-07 10:06:20


Can't get out of here fast enough.

LieselVentouse Thu 20-Sep-07 10:08:11

where you going?

cheesypeas Thu 20-Sep-07 10:15:37

Take a look at the ESPC website. They have a guide that explains the process and a list of conveyancing solicitors (which are used more than estate agents IME, but that was a few years ago).
If you're not familiar with the Scottish housebuying system, basically most property prices are set at an offers over price on a closed bid system, of which you may be expected to bid over 20% or more over guide price (more in popular areas).

expatinscotland Thu 20-Sep-07 10:16:37

cheesy, she's only going for a year so not looking to buy.

cheesypeas Thu 20-Sep-07 10:16:53

sorry, read wrong. ESPC also do rentals.

cheesypeas Thu 20-Sep-07 10:21:36

I've just done a search on and listed a few below for you that I've noticed signs up around South Edinburgh:

Belvoir, Charles White, Alba Residential, DRM Residential, Lindsays Residentail...there's dozens. Competition is strong, but don't have a personal recommendation I'm afraid.

mousemole Thu 20-Sep-07 12:52:51

thanks for these, will have a look. What's wrong with Edinburgh ? Now you have me scared...

KristinaM Wed 26-Sep-07 23:47:08

they are winding you is lovely but very expensive. I hope you have megabucks

KristinaM Wed 26-Sep-07 23:50:49

see here - £2, 000 pm for a 3 bed flat rightmove

harrisey Wed 26-Sep-07 23:52:33

You could also look north of Princes Street int eh New TOwn - pricey like Marchmont adn Bruntsfield, but less studenty (Stockbridge, Comely Bank etc)

Are you looking for schools? That might complicate things?

How close to the centre do you want.

Word of advice, as previous renters, dont use Dickins or Braemore Property Management. As renters, we found them to be hard to deal with, awkward to get any help from adn very stoppy with final inspection.

Currently renting in Glasgow and having trouble with Countrywide - wouldnt pay for locks to be changed after we were burgled.

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