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Oil on block paving

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LudaMusser Wed 20-May-20 10:56:40


Can anybody recommend a tried and tested way of removing spots of engine oil from a block paved driveway?

I've tried white spirit which doesn't seem to do much if anything. The oil spots are no older than two months


Happydaysforever123 Wed 20-May-20 10:57:41

I got it off by scrubbing with dishwasher powder I made into a paste.

PaulaSmith1 Thu 21-May-20 09:04:59

Fairy liquid works on fresh oil, might be worth a try if the dishwasher powder doesn't work.

Sallythedog Thu 21-May-20 12:39:01

Baufix Oil Stain Remover. I originally bought it in Lidl, but it's one of their centre aisle products, so not always available. I think Amazon have it too. I haven't used it on engine oil (I don't have a drive), but it reliably removes every other oil stain.

Whathewhatnow Fri 22-May-20 17:39:18

Could you just flip the affected blocks over and refill with sand around?

VictoriaBun Fri 22-May-20 17:41:13

I almost removed all of it by using biological soap powder .

Thecazelets Fri 22-May-20 18:04:07


LudaMusser Fri 22-May-20 23:33:32

Thanks, I'll look into all suggestions

I had thought about flipping the bricks over but they are packed together really tight. It might be an option though if I could manage to lever one just enough to get it loose

PickAChew Fri 22-May-20 23:35:04

Just scrub it with laundry detergent

PigletJohn Fri 22-May-20 23:52:11

Biodegradable Oil Patch Remover as sold at motoring shops such as Halfords. "Gunk Driveway Cleaner" sold in a red plastic container, is one well-known brand.

It is a sort of detergent

You brush it in well, and wash off with warm water. You can repeat the application.

There is also an engine degreaser branded as "Gunk Engine Degreasant" sold in a metal can, which you don't want, it works a different way, and it does not mention oil patches on the label.

PigletJohn Fri 22-May-20 23:55:53

btw your paving blocks probably have bevelled edges on the top surface. The bottom does not have these, so if you turn them over, they will not match.

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