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Any tips for furnishing a house with sloping ceilings?

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donkaaaay Tue 19-May-20 22:36:12

I'm looking to buy a house with sloping ceilings in the upstairs bedrooms and struggling to work out where to put tall things (most importantly wardrobes!). Are there any specialist furnishers or anyone living in a slopey-roofed house have any advice?

mumsy27 Wed 20-May-20 02:41:17

try chest drawers as an option.

inmylifeIlovedthemall Wed 20-May-20 23:29:55

You need these. I love mine

wehaveafloater Sat 23-May-20 04:10:49

Bed with low headboard and little to no base board will be useful . Built in bespoke cabinets if you have loads of cash or hanging rails if you don't . Avoid beds with lift up under storage . Keep paint colours pale, best use while on walls and ceilings and slopes then use a neutral colour for skirtings and Architraves ( like charlestone grey fir example ) to add warmth and a uniformity to room which will make the space feel connected. Individual rooms can each have their own pop of colour to add character

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