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Sitting Room Flooring - Best for selling

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RedheadBaba Thu 13-Sep-07 20:21:26

We're in the middle of preparing our place for selling at the moment, it's a 2 bed modern semi so most likely to be sold to a young couple, maybe with one child or planning a baby.

We've got to change the flooring in the sitting room, what is currently the best bet - laminate or carpet?

Also what would you put in the hallway, laminate or the same carpet as the stairs?


newgirl Thu 13-Sep-07 21:16:47

i think the sensible thing would be to check out what the neighbours have got and ask an estate agent

personally i hate laminate in a living room - it looks cheap and nasty - ok if you have stripped floors or real oak or something - if not, then a neutral carpet for me!

RedheadBaba Thu 13-Sep-07 21:45:22

Thanks - neighbours are a mixture of carpet (light or dark) and laminate.

Can't face getting estate agent in yet.

I will put down 1 in favour of carpet grin

MadLabOwner Thu 13-Sep-07 21:46:56

I would go for laminate in the hall with a nice runner and a plain pale-ish carpet in the living room.

wotamidoin Thu 13-Sep-07 22:33:21

laminate in living room and hallway, neutral carpet up the stairs(not practical but looks nice for selling)

Alva Thu 13-Sep-07 22:37:26

Another vote for carpet - not a laminate fan.

heifer Thu 13-Sep-07 22:50:04

another laminate hater I'm afraid..

So would have to go for carpet (although hate them also)...

Would much prefer to buy a house with carpet it, so I can pull them out and either sand the floors or put real wood down..

For some reason I would feel it was wrong to rip up laminate and would proberly live with it but hate it (well until I have accidently damaged it enough to justify pulling it up)..

So after all that waffle I would say

Laminate in hall way
carpet in Lounge..

thank you for listening (well reading)

Sidge Thu 13-Sep-07 22:51:41

I would want laminate in hall (easier to keep clean) but carpet in lounge (nicer to sprawl on/let baby crawl on etc)

RedheadBaba Thu 13-Sep-07 23:28:16

Thanks all, going to go down the carpet route in the sitting room and laminate in the hall.

I think my folks actually have some good quality laminate left over from doing their study which would go in the hallway nicely - even cheaper!!!! grin grin

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