What is Openshaw, Manchester like?

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EireneNW Sat 04-Apr-20 20:55:04

I've seen a house I like in Openshaw (near where all the new build houses are being built just past Lime Square). I love the house but don't really know the area. I've seen that it doesn't seem to have a good reputation but I'm wondering what it's really like. Does anyone live round there and if so, how do you find it?

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LSS166 Thu 11-Feb-21 17:07:43

I have the same exact question, I hope you found your answer

pheonixrebirth Thu 11-Feb-21 17:27:42

I'm presuming the waters edge development? The houses look lovely BUT I do have to admit that Openshaw is not a nice place! I think that probably 95% of the people are good people but that other 5% is problematic and loud. The gangs of kids have made people's lives a misery around here. Just check out the manchester evening news. Personally I think Droylsden is a lot better- not far from Openshaw and I've heard there's a new development on the way.

FManc Thu 11-Feb-21 20:09:12

What's your budget? I'm familiar with most of East and South Manchester and without sounding horrible, it's really not a great area. The only thing going for it is the proximity to the city centre.

AMSAIM Thu 11-Feb-21 20:11:43

High deprevation
Not nice resources on your doorstep like nice small reaturants etc
Very very easy into Manchester is only thing going for it.

Droylesden is nicer.

AMSAIM Thu 11-Feb-21 20:13:31

Ah pp have said but check out the taylor wimpey new builds and some other builder in droylesden
Marmalade at the jam factory
And the orangery
Is the deveopment names

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