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Due to exchange tomorrow!

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igglypop Mon 23-Mar-20 21:50:38

What’s going to happen?
Providing our flakey buyer even wants to go ahead now?
We were due to exchange tomorrow and complete Friday.

Justkeeprollingalong Mon 23-Mar-20 21:52:07

Get in touch with your conveyancer first thing. Hope you get it sorted

igglypop Mon 23-Mar-20 21:55:53

This is awful. Shelled out so much ££. I know that Coronavirus is horrific, and I’m not minimising but I’m so stressed.
Our mortgage offer runs out in 2 weeks, we won’t get another now we are on reduced salary with work premises closing down temporarily.

igglypop Mon 23-Mar-20 21:56:59

Well I’ve been made redundant full stop. We can afford mortgage and bills on one salary but they won’t lend us what we need if I’m not working. Hence we need to get this through now.

Rlw2020 Mon 23-Mar-20 22:13:16

Hi, we are the same. Due to exchange tomorrow with completion Friday. Even if it goes ahead, not sure we will be able to hire the vans! If you hear anything from your solicitors could you let me know? I am going to call mine first thing, if I can get through!

OutComeTheWolves Mon 23-Mar-20 22:19:43

We're in the same position too.

Going to ring solicitor in the morning but my feeling is they'll say technically we can exchange and complete but actually getting a van will be a problem. Our removal man has already emailed to say as he understands it he can drive to and from work but if he's caught actually moving things around, he'll be fined.

squiglet111 Mon 23-Mar-20 22:48:49

We have exchanged already. Back in February. Due to complete on 31st. I think it will go though as my solicitor has been contacting the bank making sure everything will go ahead....but I am worried about getting a van. Also have some bits we need to take to the tip when moving...worried that will be closed and have no idea what to do with it! But main thing is being able to complete and getting a van! Stress!!

Coffeeandgin24 Tue 24-Mar-20 04:38:12

I can’t see why anyone would want to exchange on a house now, I would pull out instantly. It is sheer madness wanting to move now

igglypop Tue 24-Mar-20 05:37:46

Because money has been paid, contents packed up, contracts signed, removals organised.
Not moving would leave us financially out of pocket.

OutComeTheWolves Tue 24-Mar-20 05:50:40

Agreed op because the time and money have already been invested. We had a nightmare selling our house - we're literally in the last few days of a very long journey. If we have to start again after this I don't think it will sell at all during a recession.

igglypop Tue 24-Mar-20 06:04:13

Our removals man said it will classify as driving to work and undertaking his job.
He said factories and warehouses etc are still open and they are driving to work and working.
As are delivery man, and he’s just delivering furniture to our new property.
Got a feeling our chain will collapse today though.

AmelieTaylor Tue 24-Mar-20 06:16:33

I’m sorry, it’s stressful enough without all of this!

Our removal man has already emailed to say as he understands it he can drive to and from work but if he's caught actually moving things around, he'll be fined.

He’s wrong.

Other Businesses have NOT been told to close. Only some retail & leisure (essentially where lots of people hang out). People have been asked/told to work at home IF it’s at all possible - clearly it’s not for a removals bloke/team- but their office staff could.

This GOVT is very keen to keep the economy running & they’re not trying to stop the CV entirely, just slow it down- so IMO it’ll be a while yet before they close down any other businesses - though as people are restricted in their travel I imagine some will temporarily close or significantly reduce hours because it’s not worth being open or people don’t want them in their homes etc

Good luck all ☘️

8by8 Tue 24-Mar-20 06:19:38

But if you’ve been made redundant you need to Tell the mortgage company before exchange anyway? It will be in the terms and conditions - you have to tell them about changes in your circumstances ASAP. If you exchange without telling them then it’s mortgage fraud.

Call your solicitor first thing and tell them to wait to hear from you before they exchange.

Then call your mortgage company. It’s likely the decision will be made for you.

OutComeTheWolves Tue 24-Mar-20 06:27:09

@AmelieTaylor I may be pming you for your removal man's number! Our has said as he understands it he can drive to and from his place of work but will be fined if he actually does removals.

You're not north of England are you?

HettytheHoover Tue 24-Mar-20 06:38:18

Following as in the exact same position on Friday! Mortgage offer runs out in 2 weeks and will not get the same offer due to a change in work. So, so worrying.

igglypop Tue 24-Mar-20 06:40:13

@HettytheHoover it’s so stressful isn’t it.
Fingers crossed for us all today.

combatbarbie Tue 24-Mar-20 06:43:56

Interestingly I was reading up on this yesterday and was astounded to read that if your at exchange stage then you are protected under COVID19 to delay but if your due to complete you are not and will be in breach of contract so may need to negotiate the moves and incur financial costs from your buyer!!!!

OutComeTheWolves Tue 24-Mar-20 06:44:07

Hopefully we'll all know a bit more today. I'm still clutching at straws a tiny bit hopeful in that I think Boris is wanting to keep the economy going as much as possible but trying to balance that with seeing the bigger picture - getting through this with as few deaths as possible.

Minnie888 Tue 24-Mar-20 06:47:21


igglypop Tue 24-Mar-20 06:47:37

I’m exhausted. Barely slept all night with the worry.
I’ve got hardly any furniture as stupidly we tipped loads at the weekend as the new house has fitted furniture.
Was worried we wouldn’t have time to go to the tip and pack this week with kids off school.
So basically everything’s in boxes that we may need to unpack and we have hardly any furniture.
Going to be so out of pocket.

ToyKitchenSink Tue 24-Mar-20 06:53:15

Perhaps you could continue to exchange this week but delay completion for a month or two? Not sure if this impacts your mortgage offer though.

igglypop Tue 24-Mar-20 06:58:48

Yeah not sure if mortgage offer will last that long.

afrikat Tue 24-Mar-20 06:59:49

Igglypop it might be worth contacting a few other removal firms, I suspect they will all be viewing it differently and some will be cracking on

We are in similar position - we exchanged a few weeks ago and should be completing and moving next week and no idea what's going to happen!

igglypop Tue 24-Mar-20 07:01:36

Our removals company are happy to go still.
It’s if our buyer doesn’t freak out. They are very prone to having freak outs.
Oh and if the solicitors/agents/mortgage companies are still allowing exchanges and completions.

MyOtherProfile Tue 24-Mar-20 07:03:42

What a difficult situation. Hope it can go through for all of you

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